Albert and Jakobiec's Principles and Practice of Ophthalmology: Volume 1 - Albert and Jakobiec's Principles and Practice of Ophthalmology (Hardback)
  • Albert and Jakobiec's Principles and Practice of Ophthalmology: Volume 1 - Albert and Jakobiec's Principles and Practice of Ophthalmology (Hardback)

Albert and Jakobiec's Principles and Practice of Ophthalmology: Volume 1 - Albert and Jakobiec's Principles and Practice of Ophthalmology (Hardback)

(editor), (editor), (editor), (editor)
Hardback Published: 29/01/2021
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Keeping up to date with advances in comprehensive ophthalmology and in the ophthalmic sub-specialties is extremely difficult because of the accelerating rapidity with which new information and technology become available and the diminishing time and opportunity for practitioners and trainees to read and learn. The first edition of Albert and Jakobiec's Principles and Practice (1994) was conceived with the idea of utilizing an electronic, updated version in which the chapters were revised by the chapter authors on an annual or semi-annual basis, but the technology was not sufficiently advanced to achieve this goal. Subsequent editions (2000 and 2008) were organized by Saunders and the last published by Elsevier (of which Springer has obtained the complete rights to move forward with the 4th edition, see attachment). The third edition sold 1950 copies since 2009-2012 plus 21 copies of the ebook were sold in that time. From 2012-2015, 422 copies were sold. The monthly online usage numbers up through 2016 were approximately 3300 views (includes chapter views and downloads). All of these numbers came courtesy of Dr. Albert, via his former Elsevier editor, Russell Gabbedy and Dr. Albert's royalty statements.

For more than two decades, this text has provided its readers with authoritative and comprehensive coverage of all facets of ophthalmology, written and edited by a group of authors who represented a "Who's Who" in ophthalmology. By using Springer's Meteor platform, with its ability to allow authors and editors access to updating their chapters online annually/semi-annually, and with the recruitment of select chapter authors, this work's usefulness as the standard text in ophthalmology will be maintained and expanded upon by Springer.

Back Cover Copy Draft text:

The 4th edition of this comprehensive and authoritative text is written by hundreds of the most distinguished authorities from around the world and edited by three leaders in the field, providing today's best answers to every question that arises in ones ophthalmology practice. Richly illustrated with thousands of high quality, full color, clinically-relevant images, Albert and Jakobiec's Principles and Practice of Ophthalmology, 4th Edition covers every scientific and clinical principle in ophthalmology, ensuring that the reader will always be able to find the guidance needed to diagnose and manage patients' ocular problems and meet today's standards of care. Written for practicing ophthalmologists and trainees, this book delivers in-depth guidance on new diagnostic approaches, operative techniques, and treatment options, as well as coherent explanations of every new scientific concept and its clinical importance. The 4th edition will prove to be the source every practicing clinician needs to efficiently and confidently overcome any clinical challenge they may face.

Updates include new chapters on anterior and posterior segment diseases, as well as chapters more focused on treatment, plus thousands of new, high-quality, color images and illustrations, updated references, and information on the most cutting-edge technology used by clinicians in their practices today. Additionally, readers will enjoy the same, user-friendly, full-color design they remember from the previous edition, complete with many at-a-glance summary tables, algorithms, boxes, and diagrams that allow the reader to locate the assistance needed more rapidly than ever.

"I am familiar with the book and well recognized authors and Editors. The book in its current form is encyclopedic. Could be more focused on treatment. Long duration between 3rd and the 4th edition necessitates almost complete rework. The proposal hits on the key aspects for a successful textbook. The unique advantages are its name recognition (20 yrs of legacy) and established track record. Would support the proposal." Dr. Arun Singh, Cleveland Clinic, Department of Ophthalmology (Springer's EiO series editor and regular Springer volume editor):

- I shared these comments with the VE's and they have acknowledged that all chapters will be re-worked in one way or another (from basic, updated references to complete re-writes of chapters and updated, clinically relevant, full-color photos).

"...This has always been a very authoritative and prestigious text with encyclopedic knowledge from prestigious authors and contributors. It has served, in the past, as a standard approach for all residents in training, as well as comprehensive ophthalmologists and people in allied fields. Formerly, optometrists did not purchase books, but they do now. My Retinal Atlas is a good example of how they are trying to understand the ophthalmic principles and practices to enhance their profession. One addition to the new version would be imaging...anterior and posterior segment diseases. This would be essential to allow a broad interest and comprehensive training and learning experience." - Dr. Lawrence Yannuzzi, MD, President The Macula Foundation, Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology, Columbia University (current Springer Volume Editor). - I shared these comments with the VE's and they agreed to add the anterior and posterior segment diseases (and had been planning on it)

Reviews of the last edition: "The reference by which other ophthalmology texts are judged." Archives of Ophthalmology "The current standard in comprehensive ophthalmology textbooks." JAMA "A magnificent encyclopedic work...A ready source of information when getting ready to perform a seldom-done surgical procedure or when stumped with an unusual clinical problem." Survey of Ophthalmology

"This is a wonderful set of volumes with top quality in their coverage of current ophthalmology, a valuable addition to the library of all ophthalmologists." Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology, September 2009

"In 1994, Daniel M. Albert and Frederik A. Jakobiec produced the first edition of this award-winning and esteemed masterwork, which is used by the ophthalmic community worldwide as reference. The third edition... is a 4-volume, 5502-page update of this magnificent encyclopedic work. A highpoint of this new edition is the website access...this is a wonderful set of volumes with top quality in their coverage of current ophthalmology, a valuable addition to the library of all ophthalmologists." - Springer: Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol (2009) 247:1437-1438

Publisher: Springer Nature Switzerland AG
ISBN: 9783030427184
Dimensions: 254 x 178 mm
Edition: 4th ed. 2021

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