Which dystopian political party would you vote for?

Posted on 5th May 2015 by Jonathan O'Brien
Do you support the Outs or are you a member of the Inner Party?

It's election time of year and most people have settled on who they want to win. However, there's still an awful lot out there who haven't yet made up their mind. Now, we’re obviously not going to get involved in the real thing. That’d be a big statement from a group of booksellers who essentially want to be left alone to read in the corner. That said, we can still help you pick a fictional party to support. It’s a question that’s always worth asking - which dystopian political party would you vote for?

The Handmaid’s Tale

The military dictatorship of The Handmaid’s Tale is not voted into office. We are probably safe from this sort of thing for now. Nevertheless, are the party you’re voting for considering dressing women in red gowns and planning to make them work as maids for the rich? If so, maybe it’s time to think again...

Animal Farm

Now, the problem here is that everybody votes for the pigs to take charge and all they end up doing is serving their own interests. This one may not be the best example. Let’s move on.


It is famously difficult to work out the origins of 1984’s main political party. Mainly because anything written about it in the book has probably come from The Party themselves. This is the trouble with a party who continually rewrite history to ensure that they were always right. It becomes so difficult to write about them at all. If in doubt, turn off your television and see what happens. Whoever comes to collect you, whichever party they are from, do not vote for them. not that you’ll be able to vote from your now undisclosed location.

Lord of the Flies

The boys on the island initially vote for Ralph but he is unable to maintain a stable leadership. Without somebody strong in charge, the group falls to pieces, eventually killing and hunting each other across their island. If more had spoken up in favour of Ralph, Piggy would still be alive. Don’t have Piggy’s death on your conscience.

Fahrenheit 451

A world in which books are banned. The scariest dystopia of them all. There are political parties in Ray Bradbury’s book but it seems like the American population don’t really get a choice in the outcome. President Noble wins by a landslide against the unsightly Hubert Hoag. If the people of Fahrenheit 451 hadn’t been so swayed by the President’s good looks and charm, maybe we’d still be able to read books in peace instead of constantly hiding in fear from The Firemen. What’ll it be? Looks or books?


Do you like symmetry and state-sponsored poetry? Do you like buildings made entirely out of glass so everybody can see what you’re doing at any given moment? Do you like having your every waking hour determined by a strict timetable? Do you like a party that only takes power after a 200 year war that very few can remember any details about? If you answered yes to the above questions, then it’s time you cast your vote for The Benefactor. Just one thing, it’s worth noting that voting for The Benefactor will, about 25 years later, be the same as a vote for Big Brother. It’s up to you.

V for Vendetta

Or would you not vote at all? Like the pigs in animal farm, Norsefire were also voted into government. They used the fear and uncertainty of the British population to secure their place in power. Unlike the pigs, Norsefire kept their place entirely because of apathy from the public. V, a cold-hearted anarchist (unless you’re watching the film version which, as with every Alan Moore adaptation, fundamentally misunderstands everything he’s saying), becomes determined to give the people back the ability to decide their future. If there's ever a story about the dangers of voter apathy...

Have we missed out your favourite, all-seeing, all-powerful political party? Let us know, as always, in the comments below.


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