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W1 007 - The Man With the Golden Typewriter

Posted on 16th September 2015 by Sally Campbell
Piccadilly Waterstones created an immersive Trigger Mortis experience, complete with a mystery for you to solve. Essentially, they let you star in your own Bond Film.

If you like your martinis shaken and not stirred…and you long to throw your hat on to the hat stand as you walk into your office… to be greeted by a flirty and ever helpful, Miss Moneypenny-like character… if you are always ready for your next assignment, Mr(s) Bond…

Then I can only hope you were at the Immersive Bond experience at Piccadilly Waterstones last week, created to celebrate the launch of Trigger Mortis. It really was… something else.

You arrived at Level 3 of the Piccadilly store to walk onto the set of Goldfinger – well, almost. You found an immaculate replica of Ian Fleming’s writing room – golden typewriter, globe drinks cabinet, well-stocked bookshelf…

Greeted by a bubbly actress playing a Miss Moneypenny-like character, you could, of course, just have a very pleasant conversation and imagine you were Bond or Fleming…

But there was a mystery to solve.

First, you presented your copy of the new Bond book, where the first clue was hidden. Then, after an impressively complex series of clues (think the Mystery games in The Crystal Maze, if you are of a certain age) that sent you searching  behind books and into hidden chambers… via recorded messages and even a little safe-breaking…you found the answer.

Thrilling stuff. Beautifully executed. And all based on scenes from the new book.

Sadly, the immersive experience is now finished.

More About the Book:

In Trigger Mortis, Anthony Horowitz has written strong female characters and plenty of turn-downs for Bond. He has taken us back to Goldfinger era but written out all of the troubling attitudes.

So all there is left is a distillation of classiness and cool.

The perfect Bond? You’ll have to read for yourself.



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