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Posted on 13th May 2015 by Jonathan O'Brien
The stars of YouTube who are shaping the future of the internet

There have been stars for every single stage of the internet. The early days of Flash brought people like Threebrain and Joe Cartoon, MySpace introduced Tila Tequila and Twitter has a whole host of people who are famous for being 'good at Twitter' along with endless amounts of parody accounts run by the same three people.

YouTube, however, is in a different league entirely. From the early days of YouTubers like paperlillies, YouTube has formed an entire community of slick, professional video-makers who chronicle their lives for the enjoyment of millions. From their own bedrooms the stars of YouTube have amassed the sort of popularity that anybody above a certain age almost certainly cannot understand. Just like the previous generation not getting the appeal of 80s pop music because they thought it wasn't as good as The Beatles, parents and commentators alike don't understand the appeal of the vloggers taking over YouTube. It's as it should be, it's the circle of life.

And, of course, as their popularity grows so does their influence. With moves into television and radio already taking place, it only seems natural that books would come next. We've listed some of their books below so, if you'd usually be at a loss for words when the topic of vloggers comes up, why not use this as a brief primer on the unstoppable rise of the Internet Famous? Or, if you're already a fan of them, here are your next seven books to read (if you haven't already).

Zoella - Girl Online

It's safe to say that Zoe Sugg is one of the most famous vloggers in the UK. She has over eight million subscribers, has appeared on Comic Relief's Great British Bake Off, taken part in Band Aid 30 and is repeatedly listed on 'most influential' lists across the media. Surely it can't be too long until she has her own country? Hail Zoella.

Alfie Deyes - The Pointless Book and The Pointless Book 2

Alfie Deyes, known as 'PointlessBlog' over on YouTube, has over four million subscribers. To give you sum idea of his real-world popularity, his fans blocked Piccadilly Circus in London when Alfie did a book signing at our flagship store. Eight thousand people turned up to the shop, making it the highest attended event we've ever had.

Tanya Burr - Love Tanya

Fashion and beauty videos are a huge part of the YouTuber community. Who'd have thought that millions of teenage girls, facing all the pressures of dressing well and looking good, would want tutorial videos from people like them? Tanya Burr, and many others, teach the intricacies of eyeliner and lipgloss to an ever growing and endless audience.

Tyler Oakley - The Binge Book

Tyler Oakley, our first American on the list, has so recently announced his own book that we don't even have a final cover to show you. Tyler talks to his almost seven million YouTube fans about hs life as a young, gay man and his own personal struggles. He's heavily involved with issues such as teen suicide prevention and LGBT rights. A force for good, really.

Carrie Hope Fletcher - All I Know Now

Sister of Tom Fletcher, of McFly fame, Carrie Hope Fletcher is an actress and musician currently starring in Les Miserables in London. Her YouTube follower count is 'just' five hundred thousand strong. It is a strange and confusing world where those sorts of numbers don't seem like a lot. It's almost as if her career as a theatre performer takes precedent.

Conor Franta - A Work in Progress

Like many others here, Conor Franta has turned his four and a half million YouTube fans into a growing entrepeneurial empire. He has a clothing line and an entire lifestyle brand called 'Common Culture'. But, as we all know, it doesn't count for anything until you get a book published. Which he now has. Or he wouldn't be on this list.

Dan and Phil - The Amazing Book is Not on Fire

With Dan and Phil having moved from YouTube to Radio 1 back in early 2013, it almost feels like the two are old hands at taking on traditional media. Now, as well as being established and award-winning broadcasters, the duo are almost certainly going to be best-selling authors come the release of their book in October 2015.


So there we are. Some of the more popular YouTubers around and just enough about them to prevent yourself looking confused when they come up in polite conversation. 


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