Video: The Strawberry Girl

Video: The Strawberry Girl

The Strawberry Girl is a fictional account of where Edvard Munch's The Scream began.

Posted on 15th April 2016 by Sally Campbell
Lisa Stromme’s debut novel The Strawberry Girl is a fictionalised account of the events that led to the creation of Edvard Munch’s iconic painting, The Scream.

Set in the Norwegian seaside town of Asgardstrand, where Munch rented a summer house, the novel centres on a young girl, Johanne, who is the confidante of Munch’s lover, Tullik Ihlen. 

Johann is only fifteen and yet she has already decided to become an artist ; she is drawn to both the  dedicated and bohemian Munch and his secret muse. As the summer draws on, the relationship between the three characters begins to unravel.

Here is a video of Lisa Stromme introducing the novel:

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Lisa Stromme

Summer 1893, and the Norwegian fishing village of Asgardstrand is preparing for the arrival of well-to-do guests and bohemian artists from the city. Johanne becomes a maid for the wealthy Ihlen family, whose wayward daughter Tullik recruits her as a go-between in her pursuit of the controversial painter Edvard Munch.