Video: The Shepherd's Life

Posted on 15th March 2016 by Sally Campbell
A short, poetic video that captures a little of James Rebanks' life as a Lake District shepherd.

Watch a beautiful, intimate and candid video of a timeless way of life.

This short black and white film depicts the centuries-old ‘dog and stick’ style of farming that James Rebanks’ ancestors have passed down through the generations. It is a way of life that has remained unchanged, as the world has modernised around it.

In the film, Rebanks introduces his book, The Shepherd’s Life, which was shortlisted for the Waterstones Book of The Year Award 2015. The book portrays his life as a Lake District farmer - a life, we learn, that is tumultuous and fierce.

His lyrcal writing lets us explore the remoteness and intensity of the farming community, while this film provides a glimpse of the man himself:


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