VIDEO: Part Two of Bill Bryson in Conversation with Richard E. Grant

Posted on 11th November 2015 by Sally Campbell
A sample of the fun from the night the the two men got together to discuss The Road to Little Dribbling - and Bryson's love of Britain - courtesy of Waterstones Cambridge.
The Road to Little Dribbling is the much talked about, hilarious new book by Bill Bryson. It details a journey across Britain via little villages and towns, exposing some of the hilarious idiosyncrasies of British life. Bryson also observes what has changed here since he last made the journey, twenty years ago in Notes From A Small Island.

Cambridge Waterstones were lucky enough to entice Bryson to a staged Q & A. But don't fret if you missed it because we have five video clips to share from the night he talked with Richard E. Grant about The Road to Little Dribbling and why he loves Britain so much.

In part two, Bryson talks about his left-handedness and what it feels like to have a British Passport.


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