Video: David Mitchell and John Connolly

Posted on 16th November 2015 by Sally Campbell
On the night of their spooktacular Halloween event, writers David Mitchell and John Connolly stopped to answer a few questions - we have two Q & As, one with each author.
Good news - neither David Mitchell nor John Connolly are vampires. They both show up on film and we have it on good authority that their reflections did appear on the glass of the camera lense too. 

We have a video of each for you, from our spooktacular Halloween event at Waterstones Piccadilly. There were demons and elves and fairies...not to mention of course David Mitchell and John Connolly, reading supernatural stories from their new books, Slade House and Night Music: Nocturnes 2

People queued out the door to have their favourite books signed by the two charming writers. 

It really was a smash.

Both writers even stopped to answer some questions for us, on their way up to the stage. Aw, they are nice, aren't they?

Here is David Mitchell talking about Slade House:

And John Connolly talking about Night Music: Nocturnes Part Two:


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