Video: Chris Riddell - Halloween Spooktacular

Posted on 26th October 2015 by Sally Campbell & Chris Riddell
We fancied some back-to-back ghoulishness that we would like to call our Halloween Spooktacular. Here is your first instalment. What’s was that noise…? Was it…the Warewaterstone trying to get in ? Quick, open the door…it is almost Halloween, after all…

It was a cold, dark night (it wasn’t, it was a sunny afternoon), when the sinister and unnerving (he’s not, he is warm and mild-mannered) Children’s Laureate, Chris Riddell sat down in the dark, dripping, chasm (a nice, clean office) and penned an image spooky enough to scare Van Helsing (it’s actually very witty and not that scary at all) … and he created?

The Warewaterstone!

 Have a look at the terrifying and blood-curdling (funny and charming) video


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