The Waterstones Podcast - Words

Posted on 28th September 2020 by Anna Orhanen

Your chance to hear authors going beyond the book to talk about the themes and ideas that obsess us all.


Join us in dictionary corner as we chat to Countdown's Susie Dent about her love of language and her new book which shares the stories behind a word for every day of the year. We also speak with writer Eley Williams about her novel, The Liar's Dictionary, and enter the murky world of the mountweazel. Truly a treat for logophiles everywhere.

Featured in this week's podcast

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Exploring the unruly potential of language, The Liar’s Dictionary is a story of two lexicographers – one overtaken by an impulse to invent words and the other, a century later, trying to ferret out his fictional entries.

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Whilst exploring the pitfalls of communication,this mesmerising short fiction collection illustrates, by its very nature, the boundless possibilities of well-chosen words.
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