The Waterstones Podcast - Togetherness

Posted on 27th April 2020 by Mark Skinner

Your chance to hear authors going beyond the book to talk about the themes and ideas that obsess us all.


A book about human connection would be an essential read at any time but right now it seems vital. Vivek Murthy served as Surgeon General in the US and found that loneliness was at the heart of a lot of the health issues he wanted to tackle. We spoke to him from his home in America about why human connection is so powerful for mind, body and spirit and what we can do during this period of isolation to maintain that contact.

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Evocative and moving, Together explores the roots of loneliness and its long-term effects on those for whom solitude is not a choice, as well as on society as a whole. Fortunately, there is a cure that is both simple and highly effective: the revival of true human connections. Beautifully argued and brimming with hope, Together is essential reading for our times.
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