The Waterstones Podcast - Division

Posted on 25th August 2020 by Old Rob Old Bowler

Your chance to hear authors going beyond the book to talk about the themes and ideas that obsess us all.

Even before the turmoil of 2020, the last few years have seen the rise of populist politics, people split into tribes, and the disintegration of constructive discourse around the topics that affect all of our lives. In this age of division, what can we possible do to maintain our sanity? We sat down with Booker Prize-shortlisted author Elif Shafak to look at some of the reasons for our current state of affairs and to ask what needs to change for a more positive future.

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Capturing the evocative recollections of Tequila Leila in the ten minutes after her death, Shafak's spellbinding novel extracts the value of a fully-lived life from its untimely ending.
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Concise yet infinitely wise, Elif Shafak’s account of misinformation and populism seeks a path through the woods via optimism and culture. Addressing fundamental human questions through the prism of contemporary politics, How to Stay Sane in an Age of Division is an invaluable guide to maintaining equilibrium and combating intolerance in modern society.

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