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Posted on 30th October 2020 by Mark Skinner

Your chance to hear authors going beyond the book to talk about the themes and ideas that obsess us all.


As Americans go to the polls to choose their next president it's clear the result could have far-reaching repercussions in many areas. For many American women it may be that wheels are already in motion to further restrict their access to reproductive healthcare with the rushed new appointment to the Supreme Court. Christa Parravani talks to us about the surprise pregnancy that she wanted to end, only to be confronted by the confounding machinery of the American healthcare system in a red state.

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An unflinching account of motherhood, women’s rights and the dire state of US healthcare, Christa Parravani’s searing book documents her attempts to secure an abortion in Trump’s America and the appalling stigma that now stifles female choice.
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