Extract: The Marvels

Posted on 25th October 2015 by Brian Selznick
Brian Selznick, author and illustrator of Hugo and Wonderstruck, has created another heartbreaking, magical, world to rival his previous creations.

If you are not familiar with Brian Selznick's work - you are in for a treat akin to walking through the wardrobe into Narnia. He has a unique storytelling style, blending two seemingly disparate stories, one in words, the other in images, to create a very different reading experience for you (and any children you may want to share his book with). You will be surprised how deftly he captures the feeling you had as a child that books really were worlds that you could slip inside.

His newest book, The Marvels, is set both in 1990, and in 1766, and centres on Joseph, in the former, and Billy Marvel, in the latter. It is a rich and evocative tale, one that lifts you up and then sets you down in places you had never imagined before... it charms and then it steals your heart.

It really is impossible to do it justice in a short introduction.

Here, have a look for yourself at this extract.


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