The Goldsmiths Prize 2015

Posted on 11th November 2015 by Sally Campbell
It is only a few hours until the winner of this year's Goldsmiths Prize is announced, so we thought we would quickly run through the short-list.
UPDATE: Since writing, Beatlebone has been named the winner of The Goldsmiths Award 2015 - not just a pretty cover then! Well done, Kevin Barry.

Rule-breakers, margin surfers, experimental wonderers - this prize is for you.

The Goldsmiths Prize awards fiction that takes everything we thought we knew about the novel and changes it; it awards inventiveness, courageousness and mind-bending merriment with words.

Take a look at the final six: be inspired, be in awe and... just look at those covers...I want them all:

Acts of The Assassins by Richard Beard 

"It is a darkly funny, virtuoso performance… so cleverly done it almost winks at the reader"

The Sunday Times


Lurid & Cute by Adam Thirlwell

"Reads like a collaboration between Kundera and Murakami to adapt SJ Watson’s Before I Go To Sleep or Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl into post-modernist fiction"

The Guardian

Grief is the Thing with Feathers by Max Porter

"A blast and a breeze and, strangely, a delight."

The Independent


Beatlebone by Kevin Barry

"Gloriously freewheeling . . . a tale of fame, freaks, bad liquor and bad weather"

The Guardian

The Field of the Cloth of Gold by Magnus Mills

"Another of his trademark, pitch-perfect, blackly funny fables . all this oddness has led Thomas Pynchon to describe him as "a demented, deadpan comic wonder" ... The literary world's most original voice"

The Herald

Satin Island by Tom McCarthy
"Should you read the new Tom McCarthy book? (A: Yes. Always yes.)"

Huffington Post

Beatlebone wins best cover, for me...but Magnus Mills has my vote for outright winner, without even reading the book - Magnus Mills is a legend. Read everything by Magnus Mills.


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