The David Mitchell Halloween Event

Posted on 2nd October 2015 by Sally Campbell
Ten reasons why you HAVE to come to the David Mitchell Halloween Event at Waterstones Piccadilly on October 31th.


  1. You get to meet David Mitchell. So…in other words, you will be within sniffing-distance of the brain that composed the phenomenal Cloud Atlas and The Bone Clocks. (Sniff only, no eating, please).

  2. You get to pick his brains (not literally) and can ask him things like:  How do you write so many amazing books, David? And: Do you ever sleep?!

  3. You will get your copy of his new book, Slade House, signed, which is nice, as technically you are getting a famous author to write you something for free. Even if it is just his name.

  4. John Connolly is there too!

  5. You can ask John Connolly what secret, strange things happen when you win the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel. And why does he wear that string of garlic round his neck?  

  6. You get to see Mitchell and Connolly do the Monster Mash. (This is not true, but maybe…with a bit of encouragement?).

  7. You get to hear Mitchell and Connolly riff on all things fearful and deadly (this is true, they will be in conversation on the night).

  8. Time is being taken to devise the most blood-curdling, spooking setting. Waterstones Piccadilly will be festooned with sinister decorations and transformed into a dripping, eerie nightmare. (Well, it will be festive).

  9. Halloween refreshments and snacks fit for Morticia Adams herself will be available. No biting the hand that feeds you, now.

  10. Tattoo artists. Yes, you heard me – tattoo artists will be on hand to tattoo images inspired by the books onto your flesh.


So…see you at 7pm on the 31th October at Waterstones Piccadilly, blood-drinkers…I mean, book-readers. Bring a friend, if you like. The more the tastier…I mean, merrier.


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