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The best is yet to come...

For Cara Fielder, books in 2013 just keep getting better and better...

Posted on 7th April 2013 by Waterstones

2013 has already been a fabulous year for novels, seeing incredible stories from well known authors such as Kate Atkinson and Maggie O'Farrell. With so many incredible titles still to come this year I thought I would give you a quick inside peak at some of the most highly anticipated novels of the coming year.


The Ocean At The End Of The Lane, Neil Gaiman

The Ocean At The End Of The Lane


I am hugely excited about Neil Gaiman's upcoming novel The Ocean At The End Of The Lane and because of this I have tried to stay away from learning too much about it until I can actually get my mitts on a copy. I do know that the narrator of the story reflects back upon his life when he was just seven years old. When his family's lodger steals their car and commits suicide inside it the death awakes an old evil that threatens his family. The boys only hope is the three women that live on a farm at the end of the lane with their duck pond of an ocean.








Inferno, Dan Brown


Love him or hate him, Dan Brown's upcoming novel Inferno is going to be exploding into the book world on the 14th of May. Brown is continuing his Robert Langdon series, making this the fourth in the series. The plot had been fiercely guarded until the prologue and first character were recently serialised in The Mail On Sunday. Brown's latest offering sees Langdon investigating 14th century Italy and the literary masterpiece that is Dante's The Divine Comedy. All eyes will be on this novel to see if it can beat the 70 million sales that Dan Brown achieved with The Da Vinci Code.

You can read a sneak preview now...







The Goldfinch, Donna Tartt

The Goldfinch

Donna Tartt is a name that gets booksellers excited and when it was announced that she is to release a new novel later this year, cheers went up across bookshops everywhere. Her debut novel The Secret History is a modern classic and I've got my fingers tightly crossed that this will follow in its footsteps.

Theo Decker loses him mother in a tragic car accident, his father abandons him and he's taken in by a friend's family. As he grows older, he holds on tightly to the one thing that reminds him of mother, a small painting. The painting slowly becomes an obsession and eventually pulls him down into the art underworld.







A Delicate Truth, John le Carré

A Delicate Truth

Master of the spy genre, John le Carré is back. Counter-terrorist operation 'Wildlife' is created in Gibraltar to plan the abduction of a jihadist arms-buyer. The mission is so secret that not even the Ministry's private secretary is given clearance. Years later a disgraced Special Forces Officer reveals secrets of the mission, was it a success or an atrocity?

Also, great news for le Carré fans as the exclusive Waterstones edition of this novel will come with an exclusive essay on what inspired this epic story.









Doctor Sleep, Stephen King

Doctor Sleep

It's a while off yet but in September Stephen King is releasing the eagerly anticipated Doctor Sleep. You may remember the character Danny Torrance as a young boy in King's earlier novel, The Shining but Doctor Sleep meets him as a middle-aged man. Battling with his memories, after years of drifting between places and jobs he eventually settles, working in a hospice. His 'shining' gift helps people in their final moments but it's not only Danny that has this gift. A tribe called 'The True Knot' are also aware of the 'shining' powers that some children have and scour the lands torturing and murdering these gifted children so as to absorb their power and stay alive. When Danny meets a young girl with the strongest gift he's ever seen, only he can save her from their clutches...



Cara Fielder, for Waterstones.com/blog