Exclusive Questions from Tim Peake's Astronaut Selection Test Book

Posted on 28th September 2018 by Martha Greengrass

Have you got what it takes to take the next giant leap for mankind? Test your rocketman potential against real European Space Agency questions from Tim Peake's The Astronaut Selection Test Book.






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DK Lee

So, Lessons 3 and 4 are straightforward.

Lesson 1 is arguable but understandable (I thought wheel 1 was a better compromise between rotation and structural integrity, in other words the answer given, wheel 2, is more likely to break due to the greater moment and so greater stress on the fixing. But I can see that if you interpret "useful" meaning useful on the day you buy the chair and just want to swivel, and no consideration of stresses causing higher likelihood of later breakage, then I understand the answer given.)

But Lesson 2 just looks wrong. The answer should be B shouldn't it? If the latch side tends to drop in B then the brace will hold it up. So that's the right answer. But if the latch side tends to drop in A, then the brace will just go slack and achieve nothing.

Have they misprinted the pictures or the answer? Or have I missed something? Genuine question. Thank you.

ps clearly I wouldn't make it to space, I'd be too busy arguing with mission control :-) View more

DK Lee
30th September 2018
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