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SPQR QUIZ: How Roman Are You?

Posted on 3rd March 2016 by Mary Beard
With Mary Beard’s SQPR being published in paperback next month, and her new BBC series about Romans on its way, we’re all asking the same question: how Roman am I?
Mary Beard is the author of SPQR, a colourful, engaging, and ultimately very human history of the Romans. Her writing makes the dusty and distant past seem vivid and current; she focuses less on the grand narrative and more on the small, deeply affecting, and often very amusing details of Roman life. 
Here is a quiz with twenty questions that will show just how 'at-home' you would feel in a toga: 

How Roman Are You?

It’s 212 CE and Emperor Caracalla of the Roman Empire has just granted full citizenship to every free inhabitant of the empire, no matter who they are.
Since the Roman Empire has extended throughout the British Isles, that includes all of us! But how ‘Roman’ are you, really? Take our quiz to find out.
Tick all that apply…

1.  When I was younger all I wanted was to be a gladiator and fight in the arena.
2.  I have a pet dog or a cat.
3.  I get really excited when I’m travelling along a perfectly straight road.
4.  I put olive oil on everything.
5.  Purple is my colour: it makes me feel like I’m channelling my inner Emperor/Empress.
6.  My dinner party speciality is roasted peacock, or if there aren’t any in Tesco, ostrich.
7.  I'm great at public speaking.
8.  I'm addicted to board games – chess, checkers, backgammon, even noughts and crosses.
9.  It’s very important to me that my food is colour co-ordinated.
10.  I’ve been known to gamble with my friends on occasion.
11.  I wear sandals all the time, even in winter.
12.  I have seen Gladiator at least ten times.
13.  I prefer to eat my meals lounging on the sofa rather than sitting upright.
14.  I love wandering around markets in my spare time.
15.  Tight clothes make me itch – I feel most at home wrapped in a blanket or a double-bed sheet.
16.  I love rowing or kayaking.
17.  I love going out to live events on a Friday night – theatre, music, even
18.  I like to drink wine with a meal.
19.  A day in a sauna would be my idea of paradise.
20.  Knives and forks are for losers – I eat with my hands, or, when really necessary, a spoon.

 Calculate your percentage: 

Insert your number of ticks... then divide by 20... times by 100   =         % Roman!

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