Spectre is not enough

Posted on 26th October 2015 by Sally Campbell
The new Bond film is out - but two and a half hours of Bond is just not enough for anyone...

I can’t speak for anyone else, but when I watched the trailer for Spectre, and heard Christopher Waltz saying the line: “Welcome James, it has been a long time”…I got goose bumps.

Spectre looks set to be the darkest, most spine-tingling Bond to date. It is full of unearthed secrets and hidden mysteries - it is a labyrinth of unexpected turns and dark corners.

In it, Bond discovers, and infiltrates, a secret society called SPECTRE (cue shiver). The film opens, I have heard, during a Day of The Dead festival (a tip of the hat to Baron Samedi from Live and Let Die?) and has stunts to make your eyes bleed (a touch exaggerated).

To be honest I was sold at Christopher Waltz.

But two and a half hours is not enough Bond for anyone – so why not browse our selection of Bond titles that you can read at your leisure, with a cigarette and a Martini.*

*Waterstones does not advocate drinking or smoking. Instead, just hold replicas, stylishly, in a dropdead suit. Watertones does advocate reading, however. 


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