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Women Write Now: The Books that Built Us

As we mark International Women's Day, in the last of our articles celebrating the centenary of the first women's right to vote, we asked seven leading women - Reni Eddo-Lodge, Jo Swinson, Ali Smith, Kate Pankhurst, Sophie Walker, Sally Nichols and Mary Beard - to choose a book by a female writer that has shaped and influenced their lives.

Celebrating Women's Writing: Rewriting the Rules

In our fourth article exploring 100 books by women to mark 100 years of the first women’s right to vote in Britain, we offer five key lessons from ten influential works of non-fiction.

Rise Up, Women: Diane Atkinson's Recommended Revolutionary Reading

Diane Atkinson, author of the authoratative history of the women's suffrage movement, Rise Up, Women, recommends her choice of reading about the campaigners who won British women the right to vote.

Celebrating Women's Writing: Recommended Reading on Women's Suffrage

February 2018 marks the celebration of 100 years of women’s right to vote and in celebration we’re gathering together 100 books by women which represent the wealth and diversity of women’s writing throughout history.

Here, in the first of our articles presenting our Waterstones Women’s 100, we bring together a selection of reading illuminating the history of women’s suffrage, including some of the best new writing for 2018.  These books form part of a continuing story. A recognition of how far we have come in the last hundred years, they also remind us of the importance of cherishing and using our hard-won rights today and how, in an era still mired in gender inequity, the fight for women’s equality is as relevant now as it was a century ago.