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Vladimir Putin

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Orlando Figes' New Introduction to the Centenary Edition of A People's Tragedy

Continuing our sequence of posts inspired by the events that swept Russia a century ago, we’re pleased to present, in full, Orlando Figes’ new introduction to what has to be his most highly-regarded work - A People’s Tragedy: The Russian Revolution, re-released this year in an appropriately stunning new edition. ‘Elaborately researched, rigorously structured, coherently argued, it presents an overwhelmingly comprehensive view of one of the most important and complicated of all modern events.’ – The Guardian

"Nobody is listening to your phone calls – our spies are far too busy"

Charles Cumming discusses the long shadow of John le Carré, how Edward Snowden is no bright white knight and why the public can relax about government snooping.

Pushkin House Book Prize: Catherine Merridale

In the lead up to the announcement of this year's Pushkin House Book Prize winner we'll be sharing interviews with each of the shortlisted authors - today we're speaking to Catherine Merridale, Professor of Contemporary History at Queen Mary London, and author of Red Fortress...