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To Kill the President

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Jonathan Freedland Talks Trump and Saving America from the President

"When you’ve got someone who is prepared to absolutely, egregiously lie, it really exposes the fragility of the truth. That indifference to whether a thing is true or not feels new."

A page-turner with its finger precariously poised over the nuclear button, To Kill The President is a book that changes the way you look at the world. The sixth novel by author Jonathan Freedland, writing under the pseudonym of Sam Bourne, it offers a frightening glimpse into a world in peril and the dangers of blurring the edges between entertainment and politics. An award-winning journalist and weekly columnist for the Guardian, Jonathan Freedland has had a ring-side seat as America’s politics has undergone a radical shift. In an exclusive interview, we talk to the author about creating a new kind of political thriller, his views on the current American administration and the risk to the world as we know it.

Author Image: Jonathan Freedland by Philippa Gedge (2015)