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Defectors: Joseph Kanon's Moscow

Joseph Kanon discusses location scouting for Defectors and how he got under the skin of Cold War Moscow.

Are You Looking At Me?: Noah Hawley in Conversation with Himself

A conversation about bestselling thriller Before the Fall with its author, Noah Hawley. In which the author interviews himself.

Extract: The Dry by Jane Harper

Jane Harper's stripped-down, heat-scorched debut thriller The Dry has been turning heads the moment review copies were first released into the wild. ‘The no-frills storytelling is indicative of Harper’s career as a journalist… The Dry is skilfully written and absorbing,’ concluded the Financial Times, marvelling at the novel’s rural Australian-set air of sombre, brutal menace, as a Melbourne cop seeks out the truth behind his best friend’s apparent double-murder and suicide.

A Letter from Ali Land, Author of Good Me, Bad Me

It’s no secret that almost every publisher is seeking the next Gone Girl or The Girl on The Train, generating a fair number of copycat psychological thrillers. Good Me, Bad Me is most probably the book they are looking for, with word-of-mouth already declaring this tale of serial-killing motherhood the debut of 2017. In the following letter penned by author Ali Land – a sometime nurse for Child and Adolescent Mental Health – she covers the motives behind the novel’s genesis.

Exclusive Extract: Stephenie Meyer's The Chemist

Stephenie Meyer’s hotly anticipated first adult novel The Chemist has arrived; and without a single vampire in sight. From the same imagination that brought us Twilight’s star-crossed lovers and the 2008 New York Times number one bestseller The Host, comes a taut, fast-moving adult thriller. When an agent from a black-budget government agency is declared a lethal liability, to survive she is forced to deploy the very skills that have made her such a danger. As a taste of Meyer's exciting new change in narrative direction, we present an exclusive extract from The Chemist.

Rediscovered Classics: The Night Manager

The Night Manager is a claustrophobic thriller set in a chaotic, murky, post-Cold War world. The BBC adaptation of the book will air at the end of February.

Never Judge a book by its cover...unless it is our special edition of The Girl on The Train

Feast your eyes on our exclusive, special edition hardback of Paula Hawkins's thriller of the year The Girl on The Train.

Your next thriller

In short, we love After the Crash. After the Crash by Michael Bussi sold over 700,000 copies in its native France and, now published in the UK, has quickly established itself as a favourite amongst our booksellers. A three-month old girl is the sole survivor of a plane crash and two families claim she is theirs. Grand-Duc, a private investigator is hired to discover the truth and instead finds a story of deception, bribery, love, heartbreak, death, mystery and everything in between.

Dolphins, insomnia and kidnapping

Bret Anthony Johnston introduces his chillingly taut literary thriller Remember Me Like This - currently BBC Radio 4 Book at Bedtime.

Read The Three

Read the opening of Sarah Lotz's spine-tingling thriller, The Three...

Lost in Translation: Researching The Three

Sarah Lotz shares the story of her "research trip" to Japan. By the time she and her research assistant (mum) got to the "sea of trees" around Mount Fuji - reportedly one of the world's scariest places and Japan's suicide hotspot - they realised this was no holiday...

The birth of Eeny Meeny

M.J.Arlidge introduces his serial killer debut, Eeny Meeny...

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