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“I was everything a young person should be. Furious. Drunk. In love.” - Joseph Knox discusses Sirens

Joseph Knox’s Sirens is an out-of-the-darkness, nocturnal descent into the hardened criminal landscape of Manchester. Away from the eyes of the press, an M.P.’s daughter has gone missing and disgraced detective Aidan Waits has been hand-picked as the ideal man for the job; what follows is a mesmeric journey into a dread-filled urban noir. Sirens is Joseph Knox’s first novel.

Q & A: James Dashner on The Fever Code

Few Young Adult series have caught the imagination like James Dashner’s The Maze Runner sequence. Kicking off with The Maze Runner itself in 2009, the shifting, lethal environment of the Maze and the plucky ingenuity of the novel’s hero Thomas swiftly found an audience hungry for more labyrinthine adventure. Four books have now followed including two prequels – 2012’s The Kill Order and now, the hotly-anticipated The Fever Code, the book that bridges prequel and series into one compelling whole. For Waterstones, James Dashner rather wonderfully found a moment to discuss The Fever Code and just what it is like to see your words made real on screen.

Extract: Stephen King's 11.22.63

With the television series of Stephen King's 11.22.63, starring James Franco, due to air this Sunday, now is the ideal time to start reading the book. .

Five things we loved this week

Our literary round-up of the last seven days

A handy guide to Penguin's new Little Black Classics

Penguin have added 46 new titles to their brilliant and affordable Little Black Classics series. Let them introduce the new titles and help you decide which ones you might like to buy.

Five things we loved this week

Our literary round-up of the last seven days

A Walk in The Fictional Snow: Seven Chilling Winter Tales

Who needs the real thing when you can snuggle up in the warmth with a book and imagine a cool, white winter.

Extract: Stephen King's The Bazaar of Bad Dreams

You heard us - an extract from Stephen King's brand new book of short stories, The Bazaar of Bad Dreams. Ahead of publication, no less. Halloween may be over but you are still in for a scare...

Essential Horror - Halloween Spooktacular

Halloween fast approaches and we thought, you know what? We fancy some back-to-back ghoulishness. Here is our fourth instalment, bookseller Reece Dinn gives you a taste of horror royalty.

What Lee Child likes to read

Lee Child's editor reveals the holiday reads of one of the most popular authors in the country

Why read short stories?

Because they're fantastic. A few of our favourite recent and classic collections.

How to cure a book hangover

Ever finish a book and felt a longing for more? Read a book and found it difficult to let go? Bookseller Darran Stobbart offers hints and tips on how to get over a book hangover.

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