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Why Spy? Roland Philipps on The Enigma of Donald Maclean

An early contender for the year's finest non-fiction read, A Spy Named Orphan is Roland Philipps mesmeric account of the life of Donald Maclean, star diplomat, establishment pillar and perfect spy. Here, exclusively for Waterstones, Philipps describes how he became drawn into the intriguing double life of Britain's most damaging traitor.

Churchill's Knight: Henry Hemming on M's Darkest Hour

In the midst of award season, with all eyes on Gary Oldman's Churchill and the thrilling events of Darkest Hour, Henry Hemming, the author of our thrilling Non-Fiction Book of the Month for February M, brings light the darkest hour of another man: the senior MI5 officer Maxwell Knight. In an exclusive article for Waterstones, Hemming reveals how, over the course of one night, this brilliant, complex, sometimes contradictory man - arguably Britain’s greatest spymaster – sounded the death knell for organised fascism in Britain and changed the course of history.