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The Books That Got Me Through the First Two Years

Bookseller Sasha James on the books that got her through the first two years as a new mum.

Competition: Draw your Mum for Mother’s Day

Isn’t Mum fantastic? Show your appreciation and have the chance to win a £20 Waterstones Gift Card.

That's Not My Mum!

As we celebrate Mother's Day, we ask, why do mums in children’s books often get such a bad rap?

Motherhood - The beautiful truth

Victoria Young has just edited a collection of articles looking at the truth behind motherhood. No more are the beautiful stories of being a 'natural mum' or tales of a perfect, child-filled existence. Sometimes, as Victoria writes below, being a mum is about doing your own thing, no matter how imperfect that may seem.

Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day! So it's time to get some flowers! Or chocolates! Or perfume! Or all the other things that every mum in the world likes! Because women like flowers and men like football and there's no room for anybody in between. But, on the million to one chance that your mother, or any other woman in your life, has an interest in history or politics or music or all those other topics that everybody knows only interest men, we've put together a selection of possible presents for your mum. N.B. The above statement may contain irony.

Against Mother's Day

Mother's Day is around the corner, and many of us are already thinking of ways to spoil our mums. But, what if your relationship with your mother is problematic - or even non-existent? Novelist Koren Zailckas looks at her relationship with her own mother, and defines the characteristics of a bad mum...

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