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Q & A: James Dashner on The Fever Code

Few Young Adult series have caught the imagination like James Dashner’s The Maze Runner sequence. Kicking off with The Maze Runner itself in 2009, the shifting, lethal environment of the Maze and the plucky ingenuity of the novel’s hero Thomas swiftly found an audience hungry for more labyrinthine adventure. Four books have now followed including two prequels – 2012’s The Kill Order and now, the hotly-anticipated The Fever Code, the book that bridges prequel and series into one compelling whole. For Waterstones, James Dashner rather wonderfully found a moment to discuss The Fever Code and just what it is like to see your words made real on screen.

Review of the Year 2014: Part Three

In the third part of our round-up of the year, we take a look at the highlights from September through to December and prepare to turn the page on an excellent 2014. Here’s to leaping into the unknown and dusting off our bookshelves for a new year of brilliant books.

James Dashner's 5 Maze Runner Inspirations

Coming to cinemas in the UK this October, James Dashner's dystopian epic- and our Children's Book of the Month - The Maze Runner owes its inspiration to some classic films, books, TV shows and... - well, we'll let him explain.

Children's Book of the Month: The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner by James Dashner is September's Children's Book of the Month -- here's a peek at the first chapter.

Books you love: 29th July - 5th August

We have well over 100,000 reviews on, and we value each and every one of them. So much so, that we have decided to reward the best review we receive each week.

What's the next big genre?

Huw Powell, author of Spacejackers, gives us his take on what the next 'big' genre in children's fiction could be...

Book Clinic: Still Hungry after The Hunger Games?

Have you read the books, seen the movie (and the new movie), bought the Mockingjay pin? Well, if there’s a big Hunger Games shaped hole in your life right now, try chowing down on one of these…

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