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Video: Gregory David Roberts

Video: Gregory David Roberts

Posted on 13th Oct, 2015 by Gregory David Roberts

Waterstones exclusive: Gregory David Roberts talks about the power of books

The Mountain Shadow - Gregory David Roberts

The Mountain Shadow - Gregory David Roberts

Posted on 22nd Sep, 2015 by Rachel Johns

A review of the breathtaking sequel to Shantaram by bookseller Rachel Johns, who received an advance copy.

The Long Wait - 'The Year of Literary Comebacks'

Some of the best literary comebacks (that, when you think about it, don't really count as comebacks).

Five books to fill the time between now and The Mountain Shadow

It’s not long until The Mountain Shadow, the sequel to Shantaram, is published. You’ve been waiting ten years since the first book’s publication, what’s another six months? It’s nothing. You can wait six months standing on your head although, for medical reasons, we don’t recommend that you do. It could cause all sorts of trouble, your body hasn’t evolved to survive upside-down for prolonged periods.

Shantaram sequel, The Mountain Shadow, by Gregory David Roberts coming October 2015.

Well, there's certainly something in the water. 2015 is quickly becoming the year of literary comebacks.