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Huw Lewis-Jones on Archipelago: An Atlas of Imagined Islands

It is three hundred years since Daniel Defoe’s trailblazing novel Robinson Crusoe first set minds dreaming. In Archipelago: An Atlas of Imagined Islands, Huw Lewis-Jones has worked with some of the world’s leading book illustrators to create maps and stories of their own invented islands.

The Waterstones Interview: Serhii Plokhy

The Waterstones Interview: Serhii Plokhy

Posted on 7th Oct, 2019 by Martha Greengrass

In an exclusive interview Serhii Plokhy, award-winning author of Chernobyl, discusses his latest book, Forgotten Bastards of the Eastern Front, about a little known military operation of World War II that highlighted the dysfunctional relationship between the US and the Soviet Union.

Waiting for le Carré: A Selection of Great Spy Novels

A new book from literature's greatest spymaster, John le Carré, is always a major event and so we thought that we would mark the imminent publication of Agent Running in the Field by compiling a list of seminal espionage novels. From the genre's pioneers and trailblazers to modern exponents of the form, these twenty great titles are suffused with shadowy, smoke-filled subterfuge and high stakes games of national security.  

The Waterstones Interview: Eric Vuillard

The Waterstones Interview: Eric Vuillard

Posted on 3rd Oct, 2019 by Martha Greengrass

Waterstones' Book of the Month for October, The Order of the Day, is an audacious exercise in blending fact and fiction. A mordantly funny and darkly disturbing novella that traces Hitler's manipulative, insidious path to Austrian invasion, The Order of the Day presents numerous real-life figures through the prism of fiction. Here, the book's author, Eric Vuillard, provides an insight into his writing process and the challenges of fictionalising authentic historical events.

Black History Month: The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy by Black Authors

From the elliptical Golden Age work of Samuel R. Delany, through dystopian reflections on race and gender from Octavia E. Butler, to the spectacular Afro-futurism of Tade Thompson, black authors have always been pioneering voices in the twin literary worlds of Science Fiction and Fantasy. In celebration of Black History Month, and to reflect the upsurge in game-changing speculative fiction from black authors, we have compiled a list of the finest examples. Very much a jumping-off point into a vast, immersive literary universe, the books below will leave you desperate to explore more fantastical worlds.  

National Poetry Day: The Best New Poetry Collections

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of National Poetry Day on Thursday 3 October, we round-up the best contemporary verse of the year so far. Tackling topics as diverse as the New Cross fire of 1981, the fate of a minor character from Homer's Odyssey and a parable of wartime occupation centred on the illicit use of sign language, these are books brimming with lyricism, ferocity and power.     

The Waterstones Interview: Emma Donoghue

The Waterstones Interview: Emma Donoghue

Posted on 24th Sep, 2019 by Martha Greengrass

In an exclusive interview for Waterstones, the author Emma Donoghue discusses the themes of kinship and belonging that run through her new novel, Akin.

A Sneak Peak at the The Secret Commonwealth: The Book of Dust Volume Two

The world is waiting with bated breath for the publication of The Secret Commonwealth: The Book of Dust Volume Two, now just days away. What direction will Philip Pullman take his multi-layered fantasy masterpiece in next? What will become of beloved characters? What fresh revelations will spring from its pages? With this tantalising opening extract, exclusive to Waterstones, you can now begin that thrilling journey of discovery. Enjoy!  

Jess Phillips on her Favourite Books

As Member of Parliament for Birmingham Yardley, Jess Phillips has become one of the most recognisable politicians in the land. Her refreshing honesty and refusal to be cowed by those who would seek to undermine her has led her to amass the kind of popularity unusual for an elected representative. In her combative book Truth to Power, Jess offers a blistering manifesto for the wider public on how to call out those who try to bully, cheat and lie their way through life at the the expense of others.

To celebrate the publication of Truth to Power, we asked Jess to name her favourite books. From comic masterpieces to landmark biography, these are her choices. 

Sarah Perry on the Origins of Melmoth

With the gloriously gothic Melmoth due to be published in paper back, Sarah Perry, the book's author and former winner of Waterstones Book of the Year for The Essex Serpent, gives us a tantalising insight into the novel's genesis. 

A Class Apart: The Best British Country House Novels

The British (and indeed the wider world) do love their country houses. As the televisual, period-drama phenomenon that is Downton Abbey arives with a flourish in the nation's cinemas, we take a look at some classic literary evocations of spectacular stately homes and crumbling country pads, from Brideshead to Blandings and all places in between.

Validate Me: An Exclusive Foreword from Charly Cox and Elizabeth Day

Charly Cox and Elizabeth Day, two of the most prominent voices of their generation, have joined forces to craft a truly unique foreword to Charly’s latest, breath-taking collection of poems, Validate Me. Written entirely on Charly’s phone, Validate Me both celebrates and condemns the online world and the pull of social media and does it with lashings of wit and style.