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Graphic Novels - The Essential Primer

From Watchmen to Maus, the graphic novels you really should own.

Q & A: Dan DiDio, Co-Publisher of DC Comics

Graphic novels thrive on reinvention. Their artists and writers endlessly surprise readers with ingenious and unexpected reinterpretations. The characters morph over time, acquiring different, fascinating nuances and taking on ever-deepening cultural significance. Publishing powerhouse DC Comics - and their stalwarts such as The Joker, Batman and Superman - have never been more popular. Here to talk about the launch of their new Rebirth series, which enriches the backstories of many of the DC pantheon, is none other than writer and DC Comics Co-Publisher, Dan DiDio.

Batman v Superman: five great graphic novels

Bookseller Asa Wheatley suggests a list of five Batman and Superman graphic novels in anticipation of the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Comics for the Uninitiated: Crime

Bookseller Asa Wheatley introduces a list of five Crime Comics to those of us less familiar with Graphic Novels

Deadpool - an introduction

Don't know where to begin with Deadpool? Want to see the film but need some context? Bookseller Asa Wheatley introduces the Marvel character and suggest your background reading list ahead of the film's release.

Graphic Novels for the Uninitiated - Sci-Fi

As we wait for the seventh Star Wars film, bookseller Asa Wheatley runs through some great science fiction comics in the third instalment of our 'Uninitiated' series.

Comics for the Uninitiated – Strong Female Leads

Continuing our Comics for the Uninitiated series, bookseller Asa Wheatley has chosen five strong female protagonists to entice you into the world of graphic novels.

Extract: A look inside The Sandman: Overture

The Sandman: Overture is now available in deluxe hardback. Have a look inside at six full pages of art and text.

Horror Comics for the Uninitiated – Halloween Spooktacular

With All Hallows Day almost upon us, we are holding a Halloween Spooktacular. Part two: Asa Wheatly takes you on a guided tour of the graphic novel's dark side...

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