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Exclusive Waterstones Recipe: The Wine Dine Dictionary’s Victoria Moore Offers a Taste of Summer

‘Dick Diver’s Tomato Tart’ was made on a villa holiday in France when F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night was doing the rounds by the pool and it’s lovely.' We may not yet be enjoying a balmy English summer (some of us at Waterstones Towers are still wearing scarves) but we’re keeping faith that summer days are just around the corner. To put us in a summer mood, Victoria Moore, author of new cookbook The Wine Dine Dictionary has kindly given us an exclusive recipe flavoured with a touch of literary inspiration; transporting you to a Fitzgeraldian setting of heat-filled, poolside days and glamorous bohemian nights.

Recipe: Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Biscuits and Milk Gravy

The perfect chicken recipe from Shivi Ramoutar's Caribbean Modern

Recipe: Plantain Breakfast Burrito with Pico de Gallo

Alternative title: Your breakfast this morning probably wasn't as good as this.

Recipe: Chickpea and lentil dhal with coconut cauliflower rice

The only problem with running delicious recipes is how hungry they make us on the morning we post them. It's a long time until lunch...

How to make the perfect breakfast in bed this Valentine's Day

The most important thing about Valentine's Day is winning and there's no better start than serving your partner breakfast in bed. Here, Seb Emina and Malcolm Egg, authors of The Breakfast Bible, teach you how to make the perfect breakfast in bed.

Recipe: Picado de file

Thiago Castanho and Luciana Bianchi share a recipe for a Brazilian workman's lunch. Having read it, we're off to become Brazilian workmen.

Recipe: Peppadew and Cheddar Scone Bake

Queen of Bakes, Mary Berry shares a recipe for an indulgent take on the classic savoury scone.

Recipe: Devil's Food Cake

Sarah Vaughan, author of the novel The Art of Baking Blind, shares a chocolately family favourite and explains how the idea of a personal "signature bake" inspired her book.

Spinning The Recipe Wheel

Rosie Ramsden introduces her innovative new cookbook, The Recipe Wheel, and shares a delicious Salted pistachio chocolate cake - and a playlist of music to listen to while you make it.

Recipe: Fig, goats’ cheese & honey salad

Think salad is boring? Think again - dig in to this delicious recipe from Itamar Srulovich and Sarit Packer's Honey & Co. - Food from the Middle East...

DJ BBQ's Piri piri chicken wings

Christian Stevenson AKA DJ BBQ, of Jamie Oliver's Food Tube fame tells us about writing his first cookbook - for the new Food Tube series, and shares his recipe for perfect piri piri chicken wings.

Recipe: Pan-Roasted Langoustines with Coriander

Daniel Galmiche shares a simple but delicious langoustine recipe which makes a perfect companion to either a summer salad or a steaming bowl of rice.

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