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Mirrors for the Future: Vashti Harrison on Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History

"It’s important to share their stories, and keep adding to the list, because every kid should have the confidence that they, at the very least, have the option to try."

Vashti Harrison, filmmaker, illustrator and author, discusses her new children's book, Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History, which brings together the lives of 40 trailblazing black women in history. In an exclusive article for International Women's Day, she discusses the personal inspiration for writing the book, explaining why it is vital that we share these stories and inspire future generations to fulfil their potential.

Mostly Lit's Must Reads

Mostly Lit's Must Reads

Posted on 12th Feb, 2018 by Martha Greengrass

Whose books, whose experience should we read in order to step out of the bubble? As Black History Month is observed in the United States, we asked the team behind the hugely popular Mostly Lit podcast to provide their list of indispensable reading for those looking to diversify their bookshelves. What follows are twelve books which demand to be read, either this month, or next, or at some point in your reading life.

Named by the Guardian and the BBC as one of the top podcasts of 2017, Mostly Lit is a books and pop-culture podcast, created and hosted by Rai, AlexReads, and Derek Owusu - and managed and executive produced by Clarissa Pabi. The trio chronicle the millennial experience, while exploring the intersection between literature, wellness and pop-culture – all in a fun, irreverent and insightful way. On 9 March they will be recording a live edition of the podcast at Waterstones Piccadilly. Details can be found here.

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