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Gardens of the Imagination: Penelope Lively on her Favourite Fictional Gardens

A book that celebrates the allied pleasures of reading and gardening, Penelope Lively’s Life in the Garden is a memoir of a life through gardens both real and vividly imagined. Here, taking readers from the heady scent of Manderlay’s azaleas rhododendrons to the orderly vegetable garden of Mr McGregor, Penelope Lively discusses her own favourite gardens in literature exclusively for Waterstones.

Thriller of The Month: The Rose of Tibet

This brilliant literary thriller by Lionel Davidson, the author Kolymsky Heights, set during 1950s, will please literature-lovers and thriller-readers alike

The turn of the tide: writers and the sea

The turn of the tide: writers and the sea

Posted on 31st Jan, 2015 by Sophia Tobin

Sophia Tobin, author of The Widow's Confession, on the lure of the sea for authors.

The most terrifying characters in fiction

Kerry Meech gives us a Halloween run down of the top ten most terrifying characters ever. Sort of.

Top 10 mean girls in literature

Top 10 mean girls in literature

Posted on 24th Apr, 2014 by Gill Hornby

From Mrs. Danvers to Emma, Gill Hornby, author of our Waterstones Book Club book of the week The Hive, shares her top ten mean girls in literature...

Films you didn't know were based on books

But remember, the book is always better...