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Charlie Campbell on the Pleasures and Pitfalls of Amateur Cricket Captaincy

The challenges of a cricket captain are manifold; selection, field-placings, dressing room egos, to name but a few. The amateur captain can add to that simply trying to field 11 players for the game. Charlie Campbell has captained the Authors XI in over 150 matches and he shares his love of the game in his latest book, Herding Cats.  Here he offers a wonderfully witty and engaging introduction to the pitfalls & perils of the art of amateur cricket captaincy.

Writing for Love (of Cricket)

Writing for Love (of Cricket)

Posted on 18th Aug, 2016 by Sally Campbell

When writer and journalist Jon Hotten began his blog The Old Batsman:The Consolations of a Cricketing Life in 2008 he had no idea of the popularity it would achieve; or that it would springboard him into the job of his dreams. With a new book, The Meaning of Cricket fresh off the press, Hotten discusses how writing for love - and not just money and a deadline - led him into his ideal career as a cricket writer