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Doctor Socrates: The Footballing Legend Who Fought For Democracy in Brazil

Who was Socrates?  What is certain is that he was so much more than simply a footballer. While he was at his most iconic as captain of, arguably, the greatest team not to win a World Cup, Socrates was a qualified doctor and carried with him an intellect atypical of the game. Based on the unpublished memoirs of the man himself and including hours of previously undiscovered interviews, Andrew Downie's Doctor Socrates is the definitive life story of one of football’s true enigmas.

A reading antidote to World Cup fever

Couldn't care less about football? Read on to get all the Brazillian flavour without any mention of the off-side rule.

We're football (book) crazy, we're football (book) mad...

The World Cup is here! So Waterstones Not-All-That Athletic have had a quick team talk and pulled together our top book picks to read between games - and after England inevitably go out in penalties. We've even got some fantastic downloadable activities for young football fanatics.

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