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What Have The Romans Ever Done for Us? Adrian Goldsworthy on the Lessons of Ancient Rome

'In our modern world peace is a goal and not yet a reality. We should never make the mistake of assuming that it is a natural state, for warfare and violence are threads running throughout human history.'

One of the UK’s most popular ancient historians, bestselling author Adrian Goldsworthy’s latest book Pax Romana examines the lasting myth of the Roman imperial dream of stable conquest and whether their much-vaunted peace was worth the cost. Here, in an exclusive article for Waterstones, Adrian Goldsworthy considers what we might learn from the Romans about power, oppression and the dangers of taking peace for granted.

Read Augustus: From Revolutionary to Emperor

Read Augustus: From Revolutionary to Emperor

Posted on 19th Aug, 2014 by Adrian Goldsworthy

On the 2000th anniversary of his death, Adrian Goldsworthy introduces his new biography Augustus: From Revolutionary to Emperor and ponders why, unlike figures like Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, the first Imperator of Rome remains absent from wider public knowledge despite his great and lasting importance.

An Augustus reading list

An Augustus reading list

Posted on 19th Aug, 2014 by Dan Lewis Lewis

Today marks the 2000th anniversary of the death of Augustus - so we thought we'd take a look at the best books to read to understand the young man who rose to create the Empire.