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Reflections on Food and Love and a Stunning Recipe from Skye McAlpine

In her inspiring new cookbook, A Table Full of Love, Skye McAlpine serves up a glorious selection of recipes perfect for showing appreciation for those close to you, as well as yourself. In this exclusive piece, the author discusses the enduring connection between food and love – be it in the form of a romantic Valentine's dinner, celebration with your friends, comforting weeknight meal with your family or a soothing culinary treat to be enjoyed in solitude – and shares a recipe for her truly irresistible rhubarb and almond cake.

A Comforting Air-Fryer Recipe from Clare Andrews

If you are looking to make cooking quicker, healthier and more energy-saving this new year, you have probably heard of today's most essential kitchen appliance: the air-fryer. For inspiration for what to do with it, look no further than Clare Andrews' upcoming The Ultimate Air Fryer Cookbook that features a huge selection of delicious recipes that are scrumptious, swift and healthy to boot. We are delighted to share a comforting sausage and red pepper dish from the book with the readers of our blog. 

Top Tips for Plant-Based Indian Cooking and a Delicious Recipe from Nisha Katona

Chef, creator of the much-loved Mowgli restaurant chain and the author of Mowgli Street Food and 30 Minute Mowgli, Nisha Katona is known for her beautifully punchy, spice-packed and fresh food that are both easy and quick to prepare. In her new book, Meat Free Mowgli, she treats the readers to a stunning selection of plant-based Indian recipes, and in this exclusive piece, offers some fantastic veganuary inspiration by discussing the glory of cooking with vegetables, as well as sharing a delicious dessert recipe for Pumpkin Halwa.

A Cost-Saving Recipe From Ella Mills Woodward

Beloved food writer and passionate advocate of sustainable, healthy and extremely tasty food, Ella Mills Woodward - the founder of Deliciously Ella - knows a thing or two about making plant-based dishes sing. To provide some fresh inspiration for your table this January, we are delighted to have Ella share a mouthwatering and extremely economical recipe from her latest book, How To Go Plant-Based with the readers of our blog.

Jeremy Lee on Autumn's Culinary Jewels

In his sumptuous and passionately curated book Cooking, beloved chef Jeremy Lee serves up an incredible collection of recipes ranging from quick desserts such as plum compote with ricotta and hazelnuts to classics like chicken with asparagus, potatoes and wild garlic aioli, along with a rich selection of jams, condiments and inspirational tips. In this exclusive piece, Lee reflects on why autumn is a specifically inspiring season when it comes to food.

Melissa Thompson Shares the Story of Ackee and Saltfish

In her beautiful new cookbook and food memoir Motherland, Melissa Thompson tells the history of Jamaica through food, exploring and celebrating the many cultural influences that have shaped this delicious cuisine. In this exclusive piece, the author discusses Jamaica’s national dish - ackee and saltfish - its history, significance, and the special memories it holds for her, as well as sharing the recipe from her new book. 

A Stunning Recipe from Jamie Oliver

In his brand-new book ONE, Jamie Oliver serves up an irresistible selection of delicious recipes that can all be cooked in a single pan, each using eight or fewer ingredients and designed to make your mealtimes both fuss-free and incredibly enjoyable. We are delighted to have Jamie Oliver share one of the recipes from the book with the readers of our blog. 

Stanley Tucci Shares One of His Favourite Recipes from His Book Taste

Following on from his mouthwatering The Tucci Cookbook and The Tucci Table, the celebrated actor and author's third volume Taste - our Non-Fiction Book of the Month for September - blends memoir and a recipe guide a tantalising effect. We are delighted to share one of Tucci's favourite recipes and the story behind it with the readers of our blog.

Jamie Oliver's Cookbook Club: A Recipe from Big Has HOME

Jamie Oliver's Cookbook Club shines a spotlight on inspiring cooks, chefs and cuisines from around the world, with Jamie hand-picking a book each month to share with his followers. September's top choice is Big Has HOME, with the man himself revelling in the stunning flavours of his Cypriot heritage, and we are delighted to share one of the recipes with our readers.

A Celebratory Recipe from Jane Dunn

In her new book Jane's Patisserie Celebrate!, the social media sensation and baking queen serves up a beautiful selection of spectacular treats that will make any kind of celebration extra special. We are delighted to share a mouthwatering recipe for No-Bake Triple Chocolate Cheesecake from the new book, perfect for hot summer days. 

A Summery Recipe from Sabrina Ghayour

Known and loved for her stunning and store-cupboard-friendly modern Middle Eastern cookery, the author of the bestselling Bazaar and Persiana returns with a fresh selection of recipes that are designed to deliver maximum flavour with the greatest ease. Persiana Everyday is packed with irresistible crowd-pleasing and quick-to-prepare dishes, and we are delighted to have Sabrina Ghayour share one of them with the readers of our blog. 

Angela Hui on Britain's Relationship with Chinese Food

A fascinating account of growing up in a Chinese takeaway in rural Wales, interspersed with some delicious recipes, Angela Hui's warm and perceptive memoir has much to say about cultural identity and culinary adaptation. In this exclusive piece, Angela discusses the history of the Chinese takeaway in Britain and also the strange quirks and compromises involved in creating 'Anglo-Cantonese fare.'