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The Waterstones Podcast - Sophie Elmhirst

An incredible story of shipwreck, survival and a couple’s love.

Manni Coe on brother.do.you.love.me & the Art of Communication

One of the most acclaimed books of 2022 finally arrives in paperback this March with the publication of Manni and Reuben Coe's beautifully moving brother.do.you.love.me. The story of how Manni rushed back to England to 'bronap' his sibling with Down's syndrome from a Dorset care home at the height of the pandemic, the joint memoir is an inspiring account of emotional and psychological repair. In this exclusive piece, Manni reflects on how art signalled a way out of the 'emotional coma' that Reuben had fallen into.

Kate Morgan on the Fight to Abolish a Hated Victorian Act

Kate Morgan follows up her highly engaging and informative history of homicide in the UK, Murder: The Biography, with The Walnut Tree, a fascinating examination into the hidden histories of legal injustice against women. In this exclusive piece, Morgan discusses the misogynistic Contagious Diseases Act of the 1860s and the struggle for its abolition by ordinary women.  

The Waterstones Round Up: March's Best Books

Spring into stories of all kinds this March, as we unveil the books you really can't afford to miss - from transcendent fiction to luxurious cookery and mesmerising memoirs.

The Waterstones Podcast - Chris van Tulleken

Discover why it’s not you, it’s the food!

Sophie Elmhirst on Love Tested in Stormy Waters

A story so extraordinary it could be fiction, Sophie Elmhirst's Maurice and Maralyn follows an English married couple who in the 1970s sold their house, bought a boat, and set sail from Southampton to New Zealand to start a new life there – an adventure which turned out far more dramatic than either of them could have predicted. In this exclusive piece, the author discusses how she came across this incredible true tale of shipwreck, survival, and all-conquering love.  

Bettany Hughes on the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and Women

In her new book The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Bettany Hughes – the acclaimed historian, broadcaster and author of Istanbul and Venus and Aphrodite  – takes the reader from the Great Pyramid at Giza to the Lighthouse of Alexandria, revealing the history of these ancient marvels in captivating prose. In this exclusive piece, Bettany discusses the role women played in the fascinating stories of how these spectacular places came into being.  

Sathnam Sanghera on Britain's Imperial Legacies on a Global Scale

Empireworldthe new book from the bestselling author of the award-winning Empireland and The Boy with the Topknot  takes the reader on a eye-opening journey, examining the various global effects of British imperialism. In this exclusive piece, Sathnam Sanghera discusses the importance of ongoing research and reassesment of Britain's imperial legacies and recommends a selection of fascinating reads that approach the subject from various perspectives. 

Six Thrilling Tales of Maritime Misadventure

Shortlisted for the Waterstones Book of the Year 2023, David Grann's The Wager tells a jaw-dropping true story of adventure, duplicity and intrigue on the high seas of the 18th century. As this masterpiece of maritime non-fiction from the bestselling author of Killers of the Flower Moon takes its place as January's Non-Fiction Book of the Month, we look at its enthralling story alongside five other giants of the genre.  

The Waterstones Round Up: February's Best Books

In the month of Valentine's Day, we've got a selection of titles to send you into the most dramatic of swooning fits. Whether you're after page-turning thrills or engrossing non-fiction, there's something for everyone in February's publishing.  

Ali Abdaal on the Principles of Feel-Good Productivity

Ali Abdaal on the Principles of Feel-Good Productivity

Posted on 20th Dec, 2023 by Anna Orhanen

In his new book Feel-Good Productivity, the popular YouTuber, podcast host and former NHS doctor Ali Abdaal explores the principles that underpin enjoyable effectiveness – on how if you can make your work feel good, then productivity takes care of itself. In this exclusive piece, he talks about how he got interested in the power of positive psychology in the first place.

Dr Karan Rajan Shares His Top 5 Health Hacks to Worry Less and Live Better

As entertaining as it is practicable, This Book May Save Your Life is the brilliant new guide for looking after your health from the NHS doctor and TikTok star Dr Karan Rajan. In this exclusive piece, Dr Rajan shares his top five tips for worrying less and enjoying life to the fullest.

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