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David Nicholls on the Journey From One Day to You Are Here

In the wake of the hugely successful Netflix adaptation of One Day and with arguably his finest novel yet - You Are Here - coming in April, bestselling author David Nicholls delivers a very exciting exclusive blog reflecting on the differences and similarities between the two books. Ranging from the challenges of telling a love story in the early noughties as opposed to the present day, to the ways in which his writing process has grown over the years, this piece also reveals Nicholls' views on the televisual phenomenon that his third book has become.

Lisa Jewell's Top Psychological Thrillers

As the author of countless bestselling page-turners like The Family Upstairs, The Night She Disappeared and I Found You, Lisa Jewell knows a thing or two about creating unbearably suspenseful scenarios and chilling characters - all of which goes into the crafting of None of This is True. In this exclusive piece, Lisa recommends four pulsating psychological thrillers that she has been particularly impressed by.   

Shannon Chakraborty on Mothers in Fantasy Fiction

Following up her bestselling Daevabad trilogy with a swashbuckling yarn full of magical piracy and forbidden artefacts, Shannon Chakraborty's The Adventures of Amina Al-Sirafi sends a scandalous captain - who was looking forward to settling into motherhood - on one last supernatural voyage. In this exclusive piece, Shannon selects four other fantasy novels that feature central characters who are mothers.  

Kate Sawyer on the Best Fictional Sisters

Refracting four decades of family experience through a single summer's day, Kate Sawyer's engaging novel This Family paints a rich portrait of a variety of relationships, from the eternal mother-child bond to the complexities of sisterhood. In this exclusive piece, the author picks her favourite literary sisters from across three centuries of fiction. 

Robert Lautner on Quint and Books Inspired by Films

Hitting upon the brilliant literary concept of filling in the backstory of one of twentieth century cinema's most intriguing characters - maverick Amity fisherman Quint from Steven Spielberg's Jaws; itself adapted, of course, from Peter Benchley's original novel of the same name - Robert Lautner's pitch-perfect novel is a rollicking page-turner with its own highly cinematic qualities. In this exclusive piece, Lautner reflects upon the relatively rare phenomenon of books that are inspired by films (as opposed to the other way round) and the intertwining of different mediums to create all-encompassing 'universes.'     

Eleanor Catton on Activism, Macbeth and Birnam Wood

With the epic historical novel of ideas that was The Luminaries, Eleanor Catton attracted huge critical acclaim and a Booker Prize win. Now she returns with Birnam Wood, a similarly lithe and fiercely intelligent eco-thriller that speaks powerfully to our times. In this exclusive piece, Eleanor muses on the novel's gestation, the influence of Macbeth and the tumultuous modern times that formed the backdrop to the book.   

The Waterstones Round Up: March's Best Books

Spring into stories of all kinds this March, as we unveil the books you really can't afford to miss - from transcendent fiction to luxurious cookery and mesmerising memoirs.

The Waterstones Podcast - Alex Michaelides

You are cordially invited… to a murder.

Literary Lockdowns: The Best Fiction from the Covid-19 Pandemic

As the Margaret Atwood co-curated collaborative novel Fourteen Days is published, we take a look back at how the Covid-19 pandemic was chronicled through literary fiction.    

Jasper Fforde on the Importance of Vanity Projects in Creative Work

Jasper Fforde's Red Side Story, the long-awaited sequel to his bestselling Shades of Grey, leads the reader back into the world where social hierarchy is determined by people's perception of colour. To celebrate the arrival of Red Side Story, we are delighted to share an exclusive piece from Fforde, discussing creative work and the importance of 'vanity projects' within it. 

Katy Hays on the Inspiration Behind The Cloisters

Perfect for fans of dark academia, our mesmeric Thriller of the Month for February The Cloisters revolves around a quirky gothic museum, a small band of enigmatic researchers and a once-thought lost deck of 15th-century Italian tarot cards; the discovery of which sets in train a dark and merciless race for power and glory. In this exclusive piece, Katy Hays talks about how her expertise as an art history professor informed the creation of this unputdownable tale.  

Martin MacInnes on Creating the Universe of In Ascension

Our Science Fiction & Fantasy Book of the Month for February, Martin MacInnes' In Ascension is the profound and luminous tale of a marine biologist on a quest to find evidence of the earth's first life forms in the depths of the Atlantic. Her journey leads her to investigate several related phenomena across the globe that seem to point to a pattern beyond human understanding, and in this exclusive piece, the author talks about the ways he used science in crafting this sublime novel. 

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