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How We Made: Signs Preceding the End of the World

From 'untranslatable' to award-winning translation.

Mick Herron on the Character of Jackson Lamb

Nerve-shredding suspense and biting satire meet in our Thriller of the Month for September, Slough House, the seventh, terrifyingly clever instalment in Mick Herron's bestselling series of the same name. In this piece, Herron describes the first time his irascible protagonist Jackson Lamb appeared to him and what happened next.

Michaela Coel Recommends Some of Her Favourite Books

Creator and star of acclaimed television shows I May Destroy You and Chewing Gum, Michaela Coel is also the author of Misfits: A Personal Manifesto - a blazingly articulate clarion call for radical honesty, inclusivity and greater transparency. In this piece, Michaela provides a reading list of books that she has recently enjoyed.

The following piece is courtesy of One Grand Books/Grand Journal.

A Stunning Recipe from Wagamama

A Stunning Recipe from Wagamama

Posted on 14th Sep, 2021 by Anna Orhanen

Highlighting fresh and nutritious ingredients and inspiring flavour combinations, the new Wagamama Your Way features over seventy delicious and nourishing meals, perfect for relaxed everyday cooking. Focused on flexitarian eating, several recipes include ingredient suggestions with which you can create vegetarian versions of meat courses, including this tasty noodle dish.

Ruth Ozeki on Libraries, Rabbit Holes and Promiscuous Browsing

An astounding feat of imagination and enthralling storytelling, Ruth Ozeki's The Book of Form and Emptiness focuses on a teenager who takes refuge in a highly unusual library in the wake of a family bereavement. In this exclusive piece, Ruth sheds light on her childhood obsession with libraries and how time spent inside them shaped the writer she would become.

This Is The Book: Keeping the House

Community, family and life inside the north London heroin trade in a bold debut.

A Sneak Peek of Joe Abercrombie's The Wisdom of Crowds

Joe Abercrombie's The Age of Madness trilogy has been one of the most popular fantasy sagas of the last few years and the release of the concluding part, The Wisdom of Crowds, is imminent. To whet your appetite for publication day, we've got an exciting extract from the book to share with you.   

Shon Faye on Practical Changes to Help Trans People

Calling for greater harmony between marginalised people to effect enduring change, Shon Faye's The Transgender Issue is a passionate yet nuanced contribution to an ongoing debate. In this exclusive piece, Shon highlights small, practical changes that can be made to improve the lives of trans people.  

Amy Jeffs on the Myths and Legends Under Our Feet

From Stonehenge to Orkney and the Ness to the Thames, print maker and art historian Amy Jeffs' stunningly produced Storyland is an immersive new mythology of Britain from the Creation to the Norman Conquest. In this exclusive piece, Amy describes some of the locations featured in the book that are teeming with fascinating folklore, highlighting in particular some places that we may not expect to be so suffused in myth.       

A Q&A with Sally Rooney on Beautiful World, Where Are You

Published in 2018, Sally Rooney's Normal People built on the considerable success of her debut novel Conversations with Friends to become widely regarded as a modern literary classic, scooping the accolade of Waterstones Book of the Year and providing the inspiration for an equally acclaimed television series. Now Rooney returns with the majestic Beautiful World, Where Are You, a novel already being hailed as even better than Normal People. In this fascinating interview with journalist and broadcaster Alex Clark, Rooney discusses the writing of Beautiful World, Where Are You and her ongoing evolution as an author.            

Lia Leendertz on 5 Seasonal Things To Do in Autumn

Blending nature writing, folklore and recipe guide, Lia Leendertz's Almanac is the perfect handbook for enjoying the year ahead to its fullest. In this exclusive piece, Lia shares five evocative activities to partake in now that the heat and sizzle of summer is turning to the golden-hued wonder of autumn. 

How We Made: Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

Inside the ten year journey of a magical 'instant' classic.