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Susan Stokes-Chapman on Her Top Novels Set in Georgian England

A stand-out debut for 2022, Susan Stokes-Chapman's breathtaking historical novel Pandora combines Greek myth with an evocative backdrop of Georgian England to terrific, page-turning effect. In this exclusive piece, Susan selects her favourite novels set in the Georgian period in helpful chronological order.   

Janice Hallett on Her Favourite Code-Cracking Books

Few volumes make the kind of impact on both our booksellers and the book-buying public as Janice Hallett's immaculately constructed debut crime novel The Appeal. Shortlisted for 2021's Waterstones Book of the Year and our biggest selling Thriller of the Month ever, the audacious and original whodunit was the breakout publishing success story of last year. Now Janice Hallett returns with a fresh fiendish mystery that our booksellers can't stop raving about. A complex, unputdownable story of secret ciphers and missing teachers, The Twyford Code looks set to repeat the phenomenal success of The Appeal - and possibly even surpass it. In this exclusive piece, Janice takes a look at code-cracking in both fiction and non-fiction.     

An Exclusive Q&A with Nat Ogle on In the Seeing Hands of Others

An Exclusive Q&A with Nat Ogle on In the Seeing Hands of Others

Posted on 7th Jan, 2022 by Anna Orhanen

An unforgettable story about care, trauma and healing, Nat Ogle’s debut novel In the Seeing Hands of Others follows Corina, a nurse dealing with the aftermath of bringing a rape trial to court in which the defendant – her ex-boyfriend Cameron – was exonerated. In this exclusive interview, Anna Orhanen chats to Nat Ogle about care, bearing witness, the taboo of vulnerability and the transformative possibilities of storytelling. 

Tamzin Merchant on the Magic of Clothes in Stories

As an actor who has appeared in numerous costume dramas, Tamzin Merchant, author of our January Children's Book of the Month The Hatmakers, knows a thing or two about the power of clothes to enhance story. In this exclusive piece, Tamzin reveals her favourite garments and accessories - both magical and otherwise - in children's literature. 

An Exclusive Short Story from Nita Prose

Nita Prose's gripping crime debut The Maid looks set to be one of THE must-read whodunits of 2022 and, in this exclusive short story, the author sets a delicious puzzle for readers to try and solve.   

Cal Flyn on the Role of Writers in the Fight Against Environmental Crisis

From Chernobyl to the battlefields of Verdun, Islands of Abandonment – our Non-fiction Book of the Month for January – leads the reader on an eye-opening journey through places left uninhabitable by mostly man-made disasters, whilst also exploring the ways nature is taking back control and filling the spaces humankind has deserted. In this exclusive piece, author Cal Flyn discusses the role of writers in tackling the environmental crisis and the importance of balancing the fear and hopelessness that often surround the discussion about climate change with messages of hope that will help us to keep faith in our fight against it.

Sarah Pearse on Sanatoria in Fiction

Fresh out in paperback, Sarah Pearse's chilling thriller The Sanatorium sees dark deeds perpetrated in an Alpine hotel with a sinister past. In this exclusive piece, Pearse highlights other sanatoria in fiction as well as providing fascinating commentary on the disturbing practices that used to occur in real sanatoria in the past.  

Sue Lynn Tan on the Inspiration Behind Daughter of the Moon Goddess

An enthralling twist on a seminal Chinese folktale, Sue Lynn Tan's Daughter of the Moon Goddess is already being feted as one of the standout fantasy titles of 2022. In this piece, Sue discusses the story of Chang'e, the Chinese moon goddess, and what it was that drew her to retelling this ancient tale. 

A Warming Vegan Recipe from Sophie Gordon

A Warming Vegan Recipe from Sophie Gordon

Posted on 22nd Dec, 2021 by Anna Orhanen

In her beautifully inventive and environmentally-minded cookbook The Whole Vegetable, Sophie Gordon turns the limelight on vegetables of all kinds, celebrating the endless variety of plants and embracing the often-discarded parts such as stalks, tops, flowers and seeds as an important part of the feast. We are delighted to share a recipe for a delicious dal from the book with our readers.

Ed Winters on Why He Became Vegan

Ed Winters on Why He Became Vegan

Posted on 23rd Dec, 2021 by Anna Orhanen

A passionate manifesto against animal cruelty, This Is Vegan Propaganda is the first book from popular vegan educator and animal rights activist Ed Winters - also known as Earthling Ed. In this exclusive piece, Winters talks about the experiences that functioned as a catalyst for him to embrace a vegan lifestyle.

The Books You Need to Read in 2022

The Books You Need to Read in 2022

Posted on 23rd Dec, 2021 by Mark Skinner

2021 may have been an incredible year for publishing but the next twelve months look set to be even more spectacular. From the long-awaited new masterpiece from Hanya Yanagihara to eagerly anticipated crime follow-ups from Janice Hallett and Richard Osman, and from riveting non-fiction from Alice Roberts and the Secret Barrister to enthralling children's books by Marcus Rashford and Waterstones Children's Book Prize winner Elle McNicoll, discover our top picks from the three major categories and then explore the individual blogs for even more must-read titles.     

Jennifer Saint on the Greek Myth Retellings She'd Love To Read

With its bold and fearless reimagining of the Cretan princess at the heart of the Minotaur myth, Jennifer Saint's Waterstones Book of the Year-shortlisted Ariadne was one of the breakout fiction success stories of 2021. To celebrate the novel's arrival in paperback - and its place as our January Fiction Book of the Month - Jennifer highlights the women's stories from Greek myth that she would love to see retold.