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Andrew Scull on Loneliness, Isolation and Mental Health

Brilliantly probing and wry but always compassionate, Desperate Remedies chronicles the troubled history of modern psychiatric practices from Victorian asylums to the opioid crisis of today's America. In this deeply researched book, Andrew Scull sheds light on the faulty science, false promises, ruthless ambition and shocking neglect of patients' needs that characterise the two-century-long race to crack the enigma of mental illness. In this exclusive piece, the author reflects on the links between loneliness, isolation and the societal attitudes to mental illness. 

Deesha Philyaw's Love Letter to the Short Story

In her immersive, beautifully crafted short story collection The Secret Lives of Church Ladies, Deesha Philyaw shares moving, funny and rebellious tales of a group of Black women as they navigate life filled with expectations, passions, secrets, and longing. In this exclusive piece, the author declares her love for her chosen form, reflecting on what makes short fiction so special.

The Waterstones Podcast - Consequences

Connections, premonitions, influence and consequence.

Matthew Green and Ian Mortimer Discuss the Process of Writing History

From Dunwich to Capel Celyn, Matthew Green's Shadowlands is an immersive study of the vanished places of Britain that deftly combines popular history with travel writing. In the bestselling Time Traveller's Guide series Ian Mortimer's approach to history is that it is not just something to be studied; it is something to be lived, whether that is the life of a peasant or a lord. In this exclusive piece, Matthew Green and Ian Mortimer discuss the process of writing history and lessons for our time. 

Julia Boyd on the Horrors of War, Then and Now

An intimate portrait of the Germany's descent into totalitarianism, A Village in the Third Reich examines the horrors of fascism through the prism of one remote village high up in the Bavarian Alps. In this exclusive piece, Julia Boyd reflects on the similarities between the tragedies that befell ordinary people during the Second World War and the scenes of human suffering in Ukraine today. 

Russell Foster on Sleep, Circadian Rhythms and Mental Health

Russell Foster on Sleep, Circadian Rhythms and Mental Health

Posted on 5th May, 2022 by Anna Orhanen

In his illuminating new book Life Time, Professor Russell Foster leads the reader into the fascinating field of circadian rhythms - an essential part of our biology that often gets neglected in the modern world - and shows how our 24-hour biological clock guides everything in our daily lives from digestion to immunity and from energy levels to emotions. In this exclusive piece, the author discusses the links between sleep, circadian rhythms and mental health.

Frank Cottrell-Boyce on Kindness, the Pandemic and Desert Islands

Packed with thrills, excitement and a huge amount of heart, Noah's Gold puts an uplifting new spin on the island adventure story. In this exclusive piece, Frank Cottrell-Boyce - also the author of the beloved Millions and Framed - discusses the allure of treasures, maps and desert islands, as well as how the pandemic proved that Lord of the Flies got it wrong about human nature. 

Ben Hinshaw on Islands and the Myth of Isolation

Populated by a cast of extraordinary characters grappling with loss of innocence and the unexpectedness of life, Ben Hinshaw's captivating debut Exactly What You Mean moves from Guernsey to London to California, intricately mapping the territories of loving, leaving and growing up. In this exclusive piece, the author reflects on life as an islander and what counts as isolation.

A.F. Steadman's Top Books Featuring Mythical Creatures

As A.F. Steadman's epic children's fantasy Skandar and the Unicorn Thief soars into the world this week, we asked the incredibly talented author to select her favourite children's books featuring richly imagined and beautifully realised mythical creatures. From beloved classics to exciting new stories, discover her choices below.

How Bittersweet Are You?: Take Susan Cain's Revealing Test

In her bestselling classic Quiet, Susan Cain presented a persuasive argument for the undervalued potential of introverts the world over. Now her latest book, Bittersweet, examines the enigmatic magic of an emotion that lies halfway between beauty and pain. Take Susan's test below to discover just how bittersweet you are.

Mylène Mozas on Designing the Cover for Candice Carty-Williams' People Person

The new brilliantly warm and exuberant novel from the author of the bestselling Queenie, People Person follows lifestyle influencer Dimple Pennington who is unexpectedly reunited with a motley crew of her long-lost half-siblings. In this exclusive piece, Mylène Mozas - the designer of the cover for People Person - talks about the process of creating the perfect cover for Candice Carty-Williams' stunning new title in collaboration with illustrator Hadil Mohamed.

An Extract from The Premonitions Bureau by Sam Knight

An Extract from The Premonitions Bureau by Sam Knight

Posted on 3rd May, 2022 by Anna Orhanen

An astonishing story of the uncanny that simply has to be read to be believed, Sam Knight's The Premonitions Bureau is one of the year's standout non-fiction titles. Recounting the true story of a maverick 1960s psychiatrist and his band of eccentric 'percipients' who could foretell a range of disasters, the book unspools a narrative of impossible coincidence and unnerving consequence. Read the short extract below to become obsessed by a uniquely strange and addictively readable tale...