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Can you recognise the book from its Russian cover?

Posted on 18th May 2015 by Jonathan O'Brien
Before the Pushkin Prize announcement tonight, let's play a game.
For non-Russian speakers, it's always interesting to browse the Russian Bookshop in Waterstones Piccadilly, London and see how many books we recognise. It's fun to see familiar book covers in a completely unfamiliar context. 

So, with the Pushkin Prize being announced tonight, now seems the right time to play a game we like to call 'Can you recognise the book from its Russian cover?' It is not the catchiest name for a game. We'll work on it.

If you feel like having a guess, put your answers in the comments below. There is no prize but satisfaction but, after all, isn't that the greatest prize of all?

1. A good way to start off. A hugely recognisable style made new by using a different language. 

2. A fairly straightforward one.

3. You know the author, that's the easy part. But which book?

4. This is probably impossible unless you've read the original book. It is also one of the greatest book covers of all time.

5. For our sake, pretend you don't know this one for a minute or two so we think we're ending on a difficult one.


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