Rob Biddulph's 'Blown Away' wins the 2015 Waterstones Children's Book Prize

Posted on 27th March 2015 by Jonathan O'Brien
We're fighting an unbelievable urge to make some sort of 'we were Blown Away' pun. We're strong. We can beat this.

Congratulations to Rob Biddulph, this year's overall winner of the Waterstones Children's Book Prize with his wonderful picture book, Blown Away!

The Waterstones Children's Book Prize is one of the biggest children's book awards in the country. The books are chosen and judged by Waterstones booksellers across the country who then whittle down the thousands of children's books published each year into three shortlists representing the Best Illustrated Books, Best Fiction for Teenagers and Best Younger Fiction. Our booksellers know a good book when they see one and we'll argue with anybody who says otherwise. We'll do it politely over tea, that's true, but we'll still argue.

Melissa Cox (the Head of Children's Buying for the company and someone who knows almost everything there is to know about children's books. Honestly, follow her on Twitter) praised the winner: “The test of a good picture book is not how good it is on first reading, but how enjoyable it is on its fiftieth. Blown Away more than delivers – its whimsical, madcap plot engages immediately and its rhythmic text drives the story along while the illustrations charm and thrill on every page. It is truly wonderful, and a very worthy winner.”

James Daunt, our Managing Director said: “This year we have another wonderfully inspiring Prize that is testament to the extraordinary vibrancy and creativity in children's publishing.”

Blown Away, named Best Illustrated Book of the year, is only the second of its category to win the overall prize. He beat Sally Green's Half Bad, winner of Best Fiction for Teenagers and Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens, winner of Best Younger Fiction. Green and Stevens both won £2,000 (or, to put that in context, about 250 £7.99 books) while Biddulph, as overall winner, was awarded a very healthy £5,000 (626 similarly priced books).

The rest of this year’s shortlists can be found in our in-depth look at the prize.

And, once again, a huge congratulations to Rob Biddulph!


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