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Q & A: Sarah Turner

Posted on 11th February 2016 by Sarah Turner
An interview with Sarah turner A.K.A The Unmumsy Mum, a one-woman internet phenomenon

Sarah Turner's book The Unmumsy Mum, which is a companion to her successful blog of the same name, is an honest, unvarnished and hilarious account of parenthood. Her amusing, candid observations (and confessions) have already garnered her thousands of followers online.

Here she discusses the origins of her blog and her new book:


What inspired you to start blogging about life as a parent?

After trying (and failing) to find parenting literature online to reassure me that my feelings about motherhood were normal, I decided to write something of my own. As it turned out, my feelings of self-doubt mixed with frustration and overwhelming love for a tiny human were completely normal, and what I wrote soon started to resonate with other parents. 

Your blog posts are honest and candid and provide a real insight into your life. How did your family react to sharing these details?

Initially, I didn't share my blog with any family and friends and to be honest I quite liked it like that! It is somehow easier to pour out your innermost thoughts to thousands of strangers than it is to present them to close family, friends and colleagues, but eventually the Facebook page became too big for me to selectively share (there were a few 'I just saw a picture of you on Facebook, are you a blogger?' moments in the earlier days, and now of course the cat is well and truly out of the bag!) Support has actually been amazing.

In your book you describe it not as not being 'a parenting manual but as real life'. How important do you think it is for parents to discover their own way, that there is no one size fits all way of bringing up children?

I think the most important thing is that parents cut themselves some slack and don't feel disheartened if they discover a certain style/method of parenting is not for them. I'm not against parenting 'manuals' - many offer helpful advice and information (Lord knows I've read many) but it becomes unhelpful if it's too prescriptive, I think. Going your own way is fine and if what you try doesn't work out then there's always tomorrow...

With a busy life as a parent of two, do you still find time to read? What are you reading at the moment?

I don't have as much time to read as I would like, but I do try to always have a book on the go. The last book I read was My Everything by Katie Marsh, which I loved, and I have just started A Little Life by Hanya Yangihara.


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