A handy guide to Penguin's new Little Black Classics

A handy guide to Penguin's new Little Black Classics

Penguin have added 46 new titles to their brilliant and affordable Little Black Classics series. Let them introduce the new titles and help you decide which ones you might like to buy.

Posted on 3rd March 2016 by Sally Campbell & Penguinrandomhouse

What books include... a grizzled sea-captain, a crestfallen Alexander the Great, giant squid with a new taste for human flesh, a lorn milkmaid, ships of purple, a champion jumping frog, gyrovagues, an eldritch monkey, a floating kidney...

...five revolutionaries, a stealer of children’s eyes, a kidnapped spaniel, an amorous nun, Japanese tea- masters, a dashing duke, the devil, ancient Greek pirates, a Victorian clairvoyant, a Quangle-Wangle...

...a devious widow, a Tyger, an infuriating medieval visionary, a murderous thane, a self-congratulatory philosopher, a tortured father and daughter, a pithy playwright, a hallucinating doctor, a finally- defeated Napoleon, a shackled man, a hellish playing card, man born free yet everywhere in chains, a killer mummy...

...a poetic advisor on art and life, a time-travelling lazy-bones, simple tortoises and shrewd roosters, a Danger-light, odes to your one true love, unstoppable women, the clamour of frogs, blood, guts and elephants, a simple moment of bliss, a warrior’s fight with the sea, a Ghanaian prince betrayed into slavery, a beaver learning maths, a homicidal orangutan, a pedestrian poet?

… the new Little Black Classics!

Need some inspiration for your next Little Black Classic read? We’ve put together a handy list: 

If you like: Game of Thrones

"Winter is coming!" If you’re a hard-core fan of Game of Thrones (aren’t we all?), try Hannibal by Livy: a brilliant account of military genius Hannibal crossing the Alps with 21 elephants and winning the famed Battle of the Trebbia.

If you like: The Establishment


Inspired by The Establishment by Owen Jones or Russell Brand’s Revolution? Pick up The Body Politic by Jean-Jacques Rousseau: the pieces that inspired the French revolution. 

If you like: 12 Years a Slave

If you were moved by 12 Years a Slave, your next read should be Kidnapped by Olaudah Equiano: the autobiography of the African slave, sailor and finally free man who fuelled the abolitionist movement.

If you like: Fifty Shade of Grey

Need your next Fifty Shades of Grey hit? We understand. Why not try The Nun of Murano by Giacomo Casanova: memoirs from the world’s most infamous seducer.

If you like: Stephen King

If you love all books and films by Stephen King, you want to read Green Tea by Sheridan le Fanu: one of the greatest Victorian ghost stories from the pioneer of horror fiction.

If you like: Caitlin Moran

If you enjoyed How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran, then you’ll love How to Be a Medieval Woman by Margery Kempe: the hilarious advice from the medieval pilgrim, visionary and creator of the first autobiography.

If you like: Marley and Me

Calling all Marley and Me fans! You must pick up the brilliant Flush by Virginia Woolf: the playful biography of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s pet spaniel!


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Twelve Years a Slave (Paperback)

Twelve Years a Slave (Paperback)

Solomon Northup

1 Review

Born a free man in New York State in 1808, Solomon Northup was kidnapped in Washington, DC, in 1841. He spent the next twelve years as a slave on a Louisiana cotton plantation. During this time he was frequently abused and often afraid for his life. In this book, he gives an account of his captivity.

Fifty Shades of Grey - Fifty Shades 1 (Paperback)

Fifty Shades of Grey - Fifty Shades 1 (Paperback)

E. L. James

152 Reviews

When literature student Anastasia Steele interviews successful entrepreneur Christian Grey, she finds him very attractive and deeply intimidating. Convinced that their meeting went badly, she tries to put him out of her mind - until he turns up at the store where she works part-time, and invites her out.

£7.99 £6.49
Green Tea - Penguin Little Black Classics (Paperback)

Green Tea - Penguin Little Black Classics (Paperback)

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Features tale of a clergyman who is tormented by a demonic creature. This title includes fables, decadence, heartbreak, tall tales, satire, ghosts, battles and elephants.

Kidnapped - Penguin Little Black Classics (Paperback)

Kidnapped - Penguin Little Black Classics (Paperback)

Olaudah Equiano

Features the story of the mighty warrior who saves his people and founds an empire.

The Nun of Murano - Penguin Little Black Classics (Paperback)

The Nun of Murano - Penguin Little Black Classics (Paperback)

Giacomo Casanova, Giacomo Chevalier de Seingalt Casanova

Swashbuckling serial seducer Casanova falls for a beautiful nun on the Venetian island of Murano - despite already being involved with another one...

End of Watch (Hardback)

End of Watch (Hardback)

Stephen King, Stephen King

2 Reviews

A compelling and chilling suspense novel, END OF WATCH is the final stand-alone novel in King's trilogy featuring retired detective Bill Hodges.

£20.00 £16.00