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New paperbacks for your book group

Posted on 2nd June 2013 by Waterstones
With smash hit paperbacks such as Gone Girl, The Pilgrimage of Harold Fry and The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared causing numerous new book groups to pop up all over the country, Cara Fielder shares some of her favourite, brand new paperbacks to keep your book group going strong...

Tigers in Red Weather


TigersTigers in Red Weather is a fabulous example of luscious American fiction at its best. It follows the tale of two cousins, Nick and Helena, their marriages, children and their extravagant lifestyle. Full of weekends by the lake, tennis championships and lazing in the sunshine they seem to have the prefect lives. But how long can perfect really last? This is the definition of an unmissable read and one that can be enjoyed over and over.






The Universe Versus Alex Woods


Alex Woods

The Universe Versus Alex Woods is one of our Waterstones 11 choices and now that it's available in paperback, it's taking the charts and reading groups by storm. The narrator, Alex, is a bit of a geek, with an innocent naivety that's instantly touching. From 12-17 we follow his amazing adventures that are reported in a brilliant deadpan humour. If you enjoyed The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, then I think you'll love this.





The Age of Miracles


Age of MiraclesWhat would happen if Earth's days and nights both started to get longer, at first by mere seconds but eventually by hours. This is the world that Julia is facing and the Earth's slowing rotations lead to a breakdown in society. Some people insist on living by the clocks and some by the sun, communes pop up and everything she's taken for granted changes.





Sweet Tooth


Sweet Tooth

Ian McEwan is back on form with his latest literary outing and back to the style he does best. He introduces us to Serena Frome, one of the few females to be recruited by MI5 in the early 70's. When she's given her first real position, managing an author that catches the agencies eye, she wants to impress but their instant attraction is just the first obstacle in her path.






The Long Earth

The Long Earth


The Long Earth is the first in a new science fiction trilogy from Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter. In 2015 it is discovered the multiple world theory is correct and a small homemade device called a 'stepper' could be used to access these alternate worlds. Don't expect a new fantasy Discworld here but an absolutely brilliant start to a new science fiction series that sees the second of the series being published in July.


Cara Fielder, for Waterstones.com






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