Never Judge a book by its cover...unless it is our special edition of The Girl on The Train

Posted on 4th December 2015 by Sally Campbell
Feast your eyes on our exclusive, special edition hardback of Paula Hawkins's thriller of the year The Girl on The Train.

Some books beg to be touched. You see their covers and just have to pick them up. The Waterstones special edition of The Girl on The Train, the outright thriller of the year, is just that kind of book. Mono-chromatic, with a bold and intelligent design, it even has perfectly apt red-edged pages. Sleek and 60’s chic, this is a book to treasure.

But it isn’t just a pretty cover. The Girl on The Train is the kind of book that will get under your skin. The premise is beautifully simple – and deliciously dark. Rachel catches the same train every day, obsessively watching one house along the line. But when she sees something shocking, she decides it’s time to enter the lives of the young couple living there. They’ll see she’s not just the girl on the train…

As the sun goes down and then comes up again, and you are still reading, you will realise something – you are never going to look at a stranger on a train in the same way again.

This is a thriller like no other and is unquestionably one of the finest books to be released all year.

The stunning special edition hardback is exclusive to Waterstones. Lucky us.


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