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My Top 5 Places to Read - Rebecca Westcott

My Top 5 Places to Read - Rebecca Westcott

Rebecca Westcott, author of new Children's novel Dandelion Clocks lets us in on her favourite places to escape to with a good book...

Posted on 5th April 2014 by Waterstones
1.In bed, with a cup of tea.

1. In bed, with a cup of tea.

Reading in the bath

2. In the bath – I hardly ever drop my book in the water.

Halfway up the stairs

3. Halfway up the stairs, looking through the window into the garden.


4. In a tent, with the rain lashing down outside.


5. Snuggled up next to a roaring fire (although I am a total fire-killer and if I’m in charge, then the fire will be less roaring and more spluttering).


Where's your favourite place to read? Tell us in the comments below.

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